2 Pad Copper MCPCB source?

Does anyone know a source for copper mcpcbs with this layout? Preferably in the 16mm and 20mm sizes. I know there are other 3535 LEDs with a 2 pad layout like this but my Google-fu is weak today.

Yeah, there was one “specialty” emitter that had that weird layout, no center pad for a better thermal path, but fiicr which one it was. Was thinking a Nichia, but not that I found. Maybe a Yuji? Unno. Maybe someone else can recall.

Try this…

The old s2+ UV Nichias were 2 pad 3535 emitters. Simon of Convoy might have a few more mcpcbs laying around.

Thanks for the link. Looks like exactly what I’m looking for!

Thanks! I’ll have to message him on AliExpress.