2 questions on Emisar D4V2 Ti

Couple of quick questions
I’m currently vacillating between getting the Ti or the standard version and trying to get a handle on whether the Ti offers any advantages.

Does the copper head on the Ti D4V2 provide any advantage over the standard one with respect to thermal issues or is it more of a cosmetic thing?

Also, I am probably going to go for a cool white emitter, does the difference between the XPL Hi and the SST-20 6500 really warrant an extra 10 bucks.

No the copper head will only heat up faster as it draws heat quicker vs alu but it will get so hot if u dont ramp down that it will be hard to hold it without any gloves… so never expect magic just because the small head is in copper… the heat just dont magic dissapear if u run it at turbo for long…

if u want cool white i would go with xpl hi but thats just me…

For practical use, I think the Aluminum version is better. For looks definitely Ti (for me) looks awesome.
XPL HI is more powerful and I like the tint (I have 5000K). Don’t know any advantage for sst20 in 6500K.

Ti is nice to have but it`s heavy and the threads are GRITTY. I say that with no embellishment lol
The aluminum is going to be pocket friendly weight wise. It will still get hot though. They all will.
I`ve had all 3.
The aluminum, the Ti and the Brass (Brass being the heaviest but with the smoothest threads)

D4V2 Ti

  • much heavier than the basic aluminum build
  • looks blingy - much prettier and more special looking than the aluminum version.
  • lighted switch
  • If it gets scratched with heavy use it should still look good since scratches will be same color as the surrounding metal. Some scratches can also be polished out.

D4V2 Aluminum

  • significantly lighter weight
  • looks relatively ordinary
  • with heavy use, anodizing may end up looking quite worn

In my opinion, the aluminum version is a lot more practical due to weight. The extra weight of Ti-Cu is really noticeable bouncing around in my pocket. From a thermal perspective, the aluminum version is still better. Copper has better heat transmission than aluminum, but Titanium is worse.

  • In the aluminum version the head heats up and then the body heats up.
  • In the cu-ti version the head gets really hot while the body tube remains relatively cool.
  • Cu-ti doesn’t seem to provide any advantage in terms of being able to help the light maintain higher output for a longer period of time.

Ti… feeling blue…

Update: Decided to go for practicality over bling. Pressed the button on a sand D4V2 with SS bezel (for a little bling!) and XPL Hi. Heavier weight of Ti was a definite negative for me as an EDC. Now I just have to wait for it to get here.

Thanks all for thoughts.

Good choice on going with SS bezel for the aluminum D4v2.

One of the complaints with the D4 was that the bezel was too fragile. Some people dropped the light bezel first and damaged the bezel. Opting for the stainless steel bezel should eliminate that risk.

For a long time I thought about what to take, aluminum or titanium, but decided to let this flashlight be my first titanium. Ordered today D4V2 TI with SST20 4000K 95CRI, I really hope that I will be satisfied with the light.

I have the D4V2 in aluminum, no upgrades yet, SST20 5000K. I really like it and have used it often since I got it including as a room light (tail stand). Since my battery charger is connected to my off-grid solar power system you could say I am carrying around sunlight :stuck_out_tongue: