2 x AA

Found my old Mini-Mag 2 x AA’s.
Wow, I remember when that was as good as could be had.
Instaled a new bulb two fresh cells and it worked.
What I do not like is the length if going to carry a light that long I will go for a 1 × 18650.
Was thinging about a led replacement bulb but not worth it for the price would have to pay and still low output.

Time for some Match-mods!! J)

Yep, just drop* in a p60 and you're set. :)

*May require hours of machining with a dremel. :P

or it may require only 15 minutes


15min with the right tools, otherwise a little more. If you have to open the head with a dremel, a few hours is pretty accurate. ;)

Either way it will be fun!


Heh, low output gone with a drop-in. About $12 for the SolarForce low volt R5 drop in that gives you a wide choice of fuel. Some doing the Match mod also cut the tube down to run one cell.

I quite like the 2 cell ramping version from DX with 14500s in mine . . it’s my every day desk light and with it I’ve moved a single 18650 to my day bag. Normally leave it set for very low draw/lumens. Should run for months without a recharge. With the full minimag body it only runs mildly warm on full but it has enough light to see inside a garage from over 150’.

Yep, a few extremely frustrating loud hours. :) Definitely try to find someone with a drill press.