20-25% off Lumintop and Balder Clearance Sale @ EDCPlus.com

Hello everyone, I'm new here. You may know my former site as TacticalHID.com, but that sites been closed down and a much nicer one opened up -- EDCPlus.com

Just put some more flashlights on Clearance! Most Lumintop and Balder Lights are now 20-25% off while supplies last!


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Welcome to BLF, EDCPlus!

We already have a member named "edc", so up next: edc++. ;)

Aloha and welcome to BLF EDCPlus!

you dont have all of your Balder and Lumintop lights on clearance sale, why not?

( am i being rude? :davie: )

Thanks for the warm welcome! :)

Only putting on clearance the ones I have excess stock of / ones that have been on the shelves the longest.

Welcome to BLF! I liked your old site, can't wait to check out the new one.


keep looking at this light thinking

"I hope fandyfire doesn't sue lumintop"

nice looking lights

More price drops in the Balder lights!

BD1 is now only $34.99!
BD2 is now only $43.99!
BD4 is only $84.99 now!

These are by far the lowest prices you will find on these great lights!

I liked the old site as well, what happened that you had to close it down?

so these are not well-selling items, huh..

will they eventually drop out of your sales program? i've been observing that your program is very limited (small!) and you concentrate on best-sellers only. very wise policy. every manufacturer should have inexpensive best-sellers as introductory item, anchor and reference. Xeno:E03, Klarus:P2A, Balder:SE1, Lumintop:Worm(??, well maybe in future after my review is better known), Fenix:LD20, Tank007:E09, Romisen:RC-G2, Sipik:SK68, Olight:i3, iTP:A3, Eagletac:anything, etc etc

many forum members own more flashlight models than you carry in your program ;)

Hope you find more best-sellers in future!!

Multiple reasons for closing the old site...

1) No longer sell HID's so the name TacticalHID no longer fit

2) The site was a blog (wordpress format) and it was very difficult to manually code in Paypal shopping cart buttons. Not to mention there was no inventory tracking, or combined shipping with this system.

3) Just wanted a better looking site, with more features and a proper shopping cart system.

Balder being a new brand, doesn't have that much traction, so these higher end lights are not selling too well. The SE-1's are selling quite well. The BD-2 for example though is amazing value, especially at the discounted price. The quality is comparable to many lights in the $70-100 range. BD4 is quite a serious thrower and is very bright! The Xeno E03, has always been a great seller and I've sold 100's of them. :)