[20-OCT-2015] Refinements of forum categories and rules on affiliate links / codes

Categories - BudgetLightForum.com bottom of the page.

Nice thanks sb :slight_smile:

Good model with intelligent guidance. Thanks SB.

I’m not sure if this is the place to mention this, and it’s probably not going to be a popular idea, but I would like it if a price range code could be created to go with all these secret deals.

Something like price a=<$5.00, b=$5-10, c=$10-15, d=$15-20, then beyond $20, e=$20-30, f=$30-40 etc., and letters could be added together to increase price Roman numeral style.

Members could request this code once they reach a certain post count or whatever method is currently used to see if a member is real when requesting prices. This way members could know if a product is within their price range without requesting a price pm, threads wouldn’t be bumped more often than needed and it should still keep the map police away.

Pretty good idea, thanks for suggesting it. Feel free to post this as a new thread in the new BLF User Negotiated Deals category.

Rest In Peace, Commercial Sellers' subforums.

We hardly knew you... :_(









Yep, those subforums were a failure because their threads didn’t appear in the Recent Posts. This serves to illustrate the power of the Recent Posts page. So commercial liaisons: please use your privileges wisely and don’t mess up the freedom that currently allows your threads to appear in the Recent Posts list.

Hi there, just want to ask a question. If i repeatedly click someone’s affiliate link will that make them rich?

Nope, only if you buy repeatedly from them. :slight_smile:

Its not click bait. You have to actually buy the item linked!

Good spot for it.

He runs things with lots of thought

With complexities this place is fraught

But so true is his aim

That no one can claim

Ever better a forum was wrought

Thanks , sb

Well done SB! :slight_smile:

Nice! I might just go and change the rules again if I can get another limerick out of the maestro Jack. :stuck_out_tongue:

Good to know, that is actually what im thinking on why i dont click on the links when checking out an offer that im not sure to buy yet. Haha

If you accidentally click on any of affiliate links, no matter if its here or on some online blog, simply clean your browsers cookies, that should solve the problem of being tricked into clicking hidden affiliate links.

Pretty great changes!

Glad to see that both types of “groupbuys” have their own sections, with both getting the space they need :slight_smile:

read and accepted :slight_smile:

It’s oh so hard to adapt to change. Can’t you just do it right the first time? :_(

I thought there was a problem and the Group Buys page wasn’t loading or something. Now I see what’s happened.

Please read through the first post in this thread for the explanation of why this change was necessary.