2000 post giveaway Is Now Closed! Thanks for all participants!

Hello again!

I thought I should make a 2K post give-away, it seems to be pretty usual here :)

I´m not giving away anything I got for clear reasons: I got merely junk & stuff I use constantly.

On top of this, if I give some junk away, I think I will have to pay almost the price of it to get it shipped.

The "prize" is this :

SysMax/NiteCore Intellicharger i4 V2 Charger

If you got no time to read the HKJ´s great review, to be short:

It can charge at least 14500, 16340, 18650, 26650 (!), AA, AAA and C.

-Charger is new, it will be purchased and shipped directly to you.

-Charger will be purchased from DinoDirect, BLF Groupbuy.

Details and restrictions about give-Away:

- You need to be new or pretty new user. You are registered to BLF before 10th september 2012 BUT after 10th may 2012.

- No postcount restrictions.

- Will be shipped anywhere in the world DD ships it. If it does not, a couple of these are already heading to me and will be shipped from FI instead.

- If there will be very few participants, I keep the right to myself to open this give-away for example to all users at any time.

- Keep in mind: it will take time before it arrives to your place. Free shipping is slow.

- I know there are Professional users registered just recently. I would respect if they could pass this and give a chance to a newbie. Remember: it will be in your personal consideration, I will not be keeping an eye of who should take part in this and who should not. Nor will I be excluding anyone joined in between above mentioned dates. Common sense, please.

- Please add: I´m in! if you are willing to participate!

- I will use total number of participants and feed it for example to some net randomizer to get a result. I do not care how accurate or true-random they are. I think they suit this purpose just fine as they are.

-Give-away may end at any time I choose. It is likely to be kept open for a week or two, so, join today

Why a charger, I want flashy lighty thingies??

Well, when I started, it took a good while for me to step into 18650 world. I was using AA and AAA first, then RCR16340.

After a long while I took the step to 18650, which I think should have been done earlier.

I give this charger, because I bought a couple of years ago about 4-5 chargers before I bought my FIRST GOOD CHARGER (Xtar)! What a waste... Of time, money and safety.

Don´t waste your money, read BLF!

That´s all for now.

Any questions?

Hey Cheap Thrills, what an awesome giveaway for rookies like me.

Right now I’m stepping up to 18650s coming from Eneloopes, it took me one year to do so, the Intellicharger would be a great first charger.

I´m in!

I just joined this forum a few days ago asking for help with my first (good) flashy thingy. Awesome that something like this comes along right as I sign up. How generous! (Your response in my thread may have even been your 2000th! (nudge nudge, hint hint!))

If I win, I’ll gladly pay it forward sometime in the future. One good turn deserves another, IMO.

In any case,
I’m in too!

Edit: BTW, What is that beer in your avatar? Looks like something from Oskar Blues (one of my personal favorite breweries)!

Hey, I meet all the requirements. I hate dragging all my chargers up north with me, so a universal one would be great to leave at the cottage.

I'm in!

- i’m not in, didn’t read rules enough apparently -

Thanks for doing a giveaway. :) Sadly I missed the registration period by 2 months. :P

I would love to be IN……Im In. :bigsmile:

You have to have joined after may...

I’m in! Thanks CT.

I´m in!

good luck guys! i am too old to join haha

That is really nice from you, supporting the newbies!
I´m in! :slight_smile:

Very, very nice of you for such a gesture…. unfortunately, I’m out !

Very nice giveaway, and good form offering it up to the newbies.

Well done. [golf clap]

I’m in, Man! Aww, Yeah my first charger.

I’ve actually been lurking a while but I’m still a newbie. :slight_smile:

I’m in!

Details and restrictions about give-Away:

- You need to be new or pretty new user. You are registered to BLF before 10th september 2012 BUT after 10th may 2012.


Nice giveaway .......a great charger for all battery types new members are SO lucky :P

I’m in !

I’m in! Thank you for doing this

I’m in!

Thanks :slight_smile: