~200kcd milestone met. Where to next?

So I’ve spent WAAY too much time already this weekend searching the web for my next step in the thrower category. I’m trying to not spend that much $$$ (you know, because it’s the right thing to do) but at the same time notice the difference from what I already have (maxed out HD2010). I’m thinking if this new light can’t break at least 300kcd I’m not that interested in spending cash on it. I’m also preferring to go with soda can style multi-cell lights over long tubes.

So my list so far…

Courui Big Head at ~$40

Trustfire X7 at $52

Stanley FatMax 10W at $45 and only a mile away >)

Romisen RC-878 at ~$11

Both seem to have about a 70-75mm reflector. The 878 (aka 3405) looks to be extremely thermally challenged but at an almost irresistible price. I haven’t found anyone here talking about these. On the other hand the Courui has been successfully modded with solid improvements over a 2010.

Other things I’ve considered are big $$ lights relatively like the BTU shocker and TN31/32… but I shouldn’t…

Anything I’m overlooking? Opinions on what’s listed?


The second light you listed will not do it, not even close. The big head will with an XP-G2

This light will do 400kcd with a de-domed XP-G2 you don’t have to change the driver just take out the bottom of the reflector (the flat part) with a small round file.


What is the ID of the reflector? I didn’t see that specified anywhere…
How would you mod this driver to run ~6 amps? Since this is a series light I don’t have any experience with bumping up a buck driver.
This appears to have much better heatsinking than the Courui stock. Is this correct?

Yes much better heatsinking than than Courui. I haven’t messed with the driver but from what I understand it’s basically a 3xT6 driver and it has surges if you resistor mod it. It will pop emitters if you mod it. So it’s best just to leave the driver as is and run an XP-G2. Even with an XM-L2 de-domed that driver will rock out.

I don’t remember exactly how big the reflector is I sold one and gave the other one to my Dad. The one my dad has is an absolute beast of a light. He lives on a small lake and shines deer on the other side with no problems as all. It throws a little farther than my modded TN-31.

There is a really long thread around here someplace on this light. Oh and running it with 2 18650’s it’s not really huge either. I need to pick another one up soon. Sometimes you can find them for less than $50 but not often. Keygo’s has them for I think about $48.

Oh and if you go for courui you can use two nanjg drivers. That is how mine is running right now. It’s a great light too I get the same KCK as my TN-31 but the TN-31 will stay there. the courui drops quickly because of thermal sag. I am going to rip it apart and add heatsinking one of these days.

Great. Now I’ll never choose. I’m caught up on the stubby multi-cell lights. I love the way they feel in hand. Also a lot easier to transport. I found specs on the larger T90 and found it has a ~68mm ID reflector. Thats about the same as the Courui. Not that ID is all there is to a reflector but until I see two tested side by side that’s all I can go on. Others have reported and impeccable finish on the Courui as well.

The series configuration and CC buck driver are both a pro and con for me. This may be capable of running an MT-G2 it seems. Is this correct? I’d probably end up getting both if this is the case.

Edit: We were writing at the same time

So you’re saying you’ve had both and the X7 outperformed the Courui in terms of throw?

And a side story… The reason I’m so determined to get the best thrower option besides the fact I’m addicted is Memorial Day weekend I will be on a lake that I really want to be able to shine across. Potentially none of these lights can do it but it’s fun trying. And if this attempt fails that just means I’ll “need” a bigger one for the next trip. :party:

The maxtoch sn6x-2x doesn’t meet your soda can criteria but its a very well made light for the money with a ton of potential.

The X7 does out throw the big head. Yep I have had two of both. The X7 with take a MT-G2 but I think it’s a waste. I also put a MT-G2 in the T90 which is another light you might want to consider. The T-90 has even more heatsinking and about the same size reflector.

The X7 reflector is a little deeper than the big head and produces a smaller hotspot that is why it will outthrow it.

The T-90 is huge though and more expensive.

I do like the big head for carrying a lot, it’s a great light for the price. It’s not a TN-31 but darn close really. What it needs is better heatsinking and that can be done by epoxying copper to the inside of the head.

Oh and the big head reflector works better with an XM-L2 then it does an XP-G2. I’m not really sure why but the XP-G2 is hard to get in focus correctly with that reflector. So XP-G2 in the X7 and XM-L2 in the courui is the way to go, in my opinion.

Now you really have me thinking. The t90 is out of my price to quality range. At that $ level for stock light I’m going to go for something from ET or ZL. Granted it’s a monster w/ an SST90 but I can’t justify 80 dollars on a Trustfire. $50 for the x7 is getting close to that line already. The reason I’m so drawn to the Courui is the size and side switch. With a Dr. Jones driver and custom heatsink I think it’ll maintain a level of practicality that I may use it more than just for a toy. Like you said it’s encroaching on TN31 territory, which is a light I’ve always wanted.

18sixfifty, were you ever able to get lux numbers on the lights? how about beamshot comparisons between x7, CBH, and TN31?

I had some but never taken at the same places. I agree that the T-90 is too expensive really and with the SST-90 it’s not the best thrower. Not even with it de-domed. Although even with the high amp driver it was perfect for a XM-L2 and made one heck of a thrower. Over 300kcd with the XM-L2. I can’t remember who else built one but I think he said he got 350kcd easy out of his.

For simply throw I would go with the X7 and an XP-G2.

For bang for your buck overall great light the Big head with an XM-L2 is really hard to beat. For one you are getting an XM-L2 with the light and not paying for an overpriced emitter that is just going into the junk bin and two it’s a nice sized light with a great reflector and finish. It makes a good walking light because it has great flood and throw. 1,500 lumens and 300 kcd is really amazing if you think about it.

Another light that can go over 300kcd is the ZY-T08. It will outperform the 2010. I think Tom E said he was getting 400kcd with his from a XP-G2 but he measures his at a longer range than I do so his numbers are always higher than mine. I just built a ZY-T08 for blu8balls with an XM-L2 that is hitting over 250kcd at just under 6amps and 1,500 lumens. I sold it to him for $60 including shipping.

I really don’t think you can go wrong with the big head though. Blu8balls just wanted it done in a smaller package. I think he already has a modded TN-31.