2011 is only 2 days old , but the itch

Yeah , the itch to buy a new light is hitting hard , especially since I havent bought anything all year !

Im looking high and low , to see whats new .. and interesting .

I'm actually thinking of pulling the trigger on a 50 dollar light myself!!! Ahhhh what's wrong with me lol.

Same here, but I'm gonna wait until my Quark Mini shows up until pull the trigger on anything new. On the other hand, I got offered a killer deal on a nice Jetbeam. Hm...

I ordered my first Quark AA a month and a half ago, and didn't received it yet :( And I sweared I won't buy any other light till it arrives..

The Nitecore D10/11 is tempting ... I want the infinitely variable one .. Lightake has the D11 , but ?? is it two mode or variable ?

Oh dear oh dear ! Also the MrLite X4 looks interesting [?]

I think I might enjoy window shopping for a little while ..

Same here. I have 5 orders containing 8 flashlights, flying around somewhere since more than a month. All with stupid China Snail Mail!

I'm still undecided on what my first light of 2011 will be.

Waaaaaay too many choices.Undecided


There are not so many 16340 sliding zoom lights around. At least not for this price.

Eze, did you fill a claim with PP ? if not any seller dumb enough to send a 50 usd flaslight without registered mail deserved it. If later arrive you can repay it. Suerte!

I made just two small orders this year and plan to stop the spend since almost all , around 15, buyed last december did not arrived yet plus two from october. Anyway most are emitters, reflectors and such to improve some nice cheap hosts which I already own , job wich I think is much more fun than keep untouched expensives torchs.

I started a dispute last year.. ok, 12/30 :P but I didn't receive any answers yet..

I'm waiting one of the 6usd TR-801 from ebay (I think from HK), this Quark, and a Quark Mini AA Ti that I bought 15 days after the first one

No sabía que eras de BsAs, pasate por ForoLinternas.com che!

No sabía que eras de BsAs, pasate por ForoLinternas.com che!

Traté hace un tiempo de dejar un comentrario pero no me manda el mail para verificar o algo y me dice que contacte al administrador , imposible.

El servidor es medio malo, y las páginas no cargan la mitad de las veces, cuando tengas un rato volvelo a intentar que está bueno el ambiente. Cada un par de días aparece alguien nuevo, así que funciona el sistema de registro de usuarios (mal, pero funciona).

Sorry for the offtopic

i was looking at this one too ..I'm not a huge 16340 fan. but this one is oddly interesting ..and rally who doesn't love a zoomer "Zoom Zoom".. the only other 16349 I own is a smallsun zy-c-55.. It looks just like the sipik with a side button and a spacer to run either a AA or a 16340 http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.50171

I've taken the plunge on a Cree XM-L T6 5 mode 2X18650 at KD. My excuse comes down to having a few unused 18650's, and being plain old curious about these XM-L's.

I'll let you know how it goes.


Well I made it all of 2 days without buying a light ...

+ This one is calling out to me .... http://www.cnqualitygoods.com/goods.php?id=1043

The last one is very nice.. if i could use 10440 with that one, I would buy it.

Anyway, i'm in love with this one http://www.cnqualitygoods.com/goods.php?id=1036 but i haven't find any more information, and it's pretty expensive..

The second light you posted is really a beauty!!!!

You have great taste!

Oh by the way lol I made it 2 days!! I bought my first light over 20 bucks....a Fenix LD10 XP-G R5 series. I hope I like it!


The bad news is , there is also a AA version .... buying both would be a bit pricey .. Hmmmm , the AA or the AAA ????????

Damn I want one !

It looks as though the AA version does not have a clip....Darn shame as I would prefer AA but I like to have a clip!!