*2015* JM26 Update from CNQ


Just saw the light. Thought it’ll be nice to have you guys share your opinions on this light :slight_smile:

Darn it, there goes more of my money I have to spend now.

Thats how I felt too!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh goodie! If Shadow are still updating some of their older models (pre-JM35), perhaps there is a chance of an "upgraded S-L3".

Imagine that with a Triple XP-L (HI?), or even Triple MTG2/ XHP50 options. Now that's one I'd buy!

Link is not working for me… Is it the same as this? http://www.edc-light.com/shadow-jm26-cree-mtg2-xhp50-led-2x26650-2200lumens-flashlight_p0884.html

Yep yep!

I think it’ll be too hot on xhp :frowning:

Will this throw better than JM30 MTG2,
or is it about the same. ?

Not sure about that. Will have to ask Ric about the dimensions of the reflector

I feel that I should get the xhp50 version and swap the driver to the LD-2 for about 3 500 lumens hehe

The JM30 looks a LOT better to me. I’m not too hot about this light.
That triple with the deep reflectors is calling my name, however.
I need it with extension tube.