[2016-11-17] Sorry for the unexpected downtime!

Hi everyone,

Sorry about the downtime today for about 2 hours. There was a very unusual issue with a routine maintenance upgrade that reared its head unexpectedly. Then on top of it all my internet connection went down. But we should be good to go now. Please let me know if any new issues appear.

Thanks a lot! Have fun.

reserved (because that’s how it’s done around here) :sunglasses:

Thanks for getting the site back up! :smiley:

What a relief, for a minute I thought F5 key on my keyboard was malfunctioning :stuck_out_tongue:

Glad we’re back!

no worries, I went to CPF while BLF was gone.


Thank you for fixing the forum!

This forum run on your home PC?
Where can I see the specs? :slight_smile:

No, fortunately! But it requires internet access for me to access the remote server, and my internet went down in the middle of the chaos of an unexpected upgrade snafu. :person_facepalming:

Ooooh makes sense, haha!

Thanks SB, for your Divine Intervention !

He is hard at work behind the scene

As he deftly tweaks his grand machine

And we're hardly aware

That he's always there

Gazing thoughtfully into his screen

The impossible he makes routine

And he buffs this place to a fine sheen

When opinions may clash

He perceives in a flash

If he should or should not intervene

I wonder if we truly know

All his efforts at keeping the flow

He strives for the best

Day and night without rest

His creation continues to grow

I've said it before and I'll say it some more :

Thanks for all you do , sb

Thanks sb. :+1:

Hey sb56637 - is that your real name?



Rumour has it that sb’s second job is driving car’s, he is the Stig.

Thanks SB for all your work !


I second that! :beer: :beer:

glad its just maintenance/upgrade issue

Thanks for the work again, sb!
(and Jack for another very nice poem)

+1thought the site got hacked.

Thanks sb for getting the site back up. Life is too boring without BLF :smiley:

Very nice Jack!! Many thanks to our resident poet.