[2017-05-23] Done tweaking stuff

Update: I think I'm done now. Sorry for the inconvenience! Have fun.

Hi everyone,

I'll be tweaking and optimizing some stuff on the site configuration today. I'll try to avoid noticeable downtime, but things will be a bit unstable until I finish, at which point I'll remove this message. So feel free to use the site, but just be sure to Ctrl+A, Ctrl+C your post before you submit it, in case the site blips at the moment you try to post.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

Thank you for the heads up…. :slight_smile: … Good luck. :+1:

Is it done yet? Lol

No wait its already the 24th here but still the 23rd every where else lol

My brain just fried to confusing. Your date came up as you posting on the 23rd sb lol

Thanks for keeping things running smoothly. :+1:

Not so smooth today, my apologies! :-p

Thanks for updating the website to my level sb. The website and I are now both unstable. :slight_smile:


I resemble that statement too……… :wink:

Is this because I asked about you-know-what?

Nope, just performance optimization, or at least that’s my intention.

+3 :weary:

Done, I think.


She’s runnin smooth now

Just checking whether you guys are feeling the optimization as I still feel really unstable. :person_facepalming:

I feel worse now, i’m unoptimized :confounded:

I have problem inserting hyperlink for images since last week. My Chrome browser does not allow me to click "OK". Is it happening to everyone or only me?

hmmm, works for me; that’s Mac ChromeVersion 58.0.3029.110 (64-bit) (which is throwing an update error right now)

EDIT: I had to delete Chrome and its preferences and download a fresh copy, because its updating process had quit working.

But no problem with images.

If it's enlightenment that you seek

Merely wander in here for a week

And the things you will learn

Will make your brain burn

And you'll soon be a smart flashlight geek

Admin duty is not for the meek

And to most program language is Greek

But sb has it wired

And he never gets tired

Making BLF oh so tres chic

Nice! :+1: