2019 NBA Finals

Who do you like for the 2019 NBA Finals?

The Golden State Warriors or the Toronto Raptors?

For the first time in many years, LeBron James isn't in the Finals...

Yep, sadly for me, the Lakers imploded this year.

So I'm going to root for the Warriors.

They've been the best team for a long time, and they have a lot of great players.

Who do you like?

Would love to see Toronto win.
It’s been a long time since the Bluejays went back to back in the early nineties and gave the region a team worth cheering for.

raptors, assuming they are the under dog…?

But I am an idiot like that…I rooted raptors when they were 0-2…then when they went 3-2, I rooted Bucks

but at 3-3…. I wanted what ever team had the best chance at GSW to win.
If the raptors were able to take a lead on GSW though…I’d still go raptors…. they are the yankees of BB

don’t forget that Raptors beat the best team in basketball 4 straight games. Warriors heavily favored?

I can dream…

Raptors vs Sailboats, final score 71-35.

Warriors definitely still heavily favored. GSW has been on cruise control all year so despite the Bucks better record it’s easy to argue GSW is the best team. I’ll root for Toronto for a change of pace, but I also enjoy watching greatness so I won’t be disappointed if the Warriors win.

This is going to be a ratings disaster for the NBA. I can’t believe the league/refs allowed a Canadian team to get this far.

Go Raptors.

Since I’ve been watching and rooting for the Warriors since I was a kid when they were in San Francisco playing at the Cow Palace, Warriors all the way :slight_smile:

What’s the NBA? :disappointed:

I hope Kawhi leads the Raptors to win.

Because Kawhi plays like MJ like Kobe, he is becoming better in physically and mentally.

I hope he stay after the finals. I hope Jeremy Lin come back to the court.

Warriors always win, that’s boring. The league need a new STAR. NOT LeBron, NOT Durant……

I was wondering Durant’s thoughts when he saw Warriors played better without him.

This is going to be a ratings disaster for the NBA. I can’t believe the league/refs allowed a Canadian team to get this far.

excellent point!

Good point! But I don’t think it matters. American First rule won’t affect Canada I think. They are close friends!

Incredible athletes,
Chirp, Chirp, Chirp, Whistle < Foul, Free Throw, repeat

19 seconds play can take up 15 minutes at the end.

Great game (I Think) just not my bag.
And traveling never gets called when it suits the NBA it seems?

I like the Warriors but the Raptors showed alot of heart in those last 4 games. They just never gave up and you can’t help but like a team like that.
I’m still gonna pull for golden state but I wouldn’t be disappointed if the raptors take home the trophy even though I don’t think they got much for the warriors.
I been wrong many times before though. :stuck_out_tongue:

We’ll know after the first game. All depends how well the Raptors can defend. They shut down Giannis Antetokounmpo, but he doesn’t have a jump shot to spread the floor, so they just camped out in the paint. If the Raptors camp in the paint, the Warriors will tear them apart with jump shots. If the Raptors spread out, the Warriors will get to the paint. We know Leonard will get his points, but Lowry, VanVleet & Siakam, will have to consistently hit jump shots. If they are cold, Leonard could have a difficult tiring game all night.

Personally, I’d like to see the Raptors win it all, but the Warriors seem to find that extra gear when they need it during these play-offs.

I think GS is going to dominate. But I’m really pulling for the Raptors.
Upsets make watching much more tense and interesting.
Hope they they go back and forth, and finally pull it off on a game 7.

check to see if there is much rest after the long layoff for the Dubs. Good chance for Toronto to steal ‘a’ game.

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Go Raptors go…Lowry and Leonard… :+1:
Finally a Canadian team where basketball was invented.

I’m a warriors fan from my early California days. I’d like them to win but I wouldn’t mind Kawhi getting a ring. Plus, I like the idea of another country bringing their game. I wouldn’t mind seeing more international elements besides waiting every 4 years at the Olympics.