2020 most anticipated lights

The question is easy, what new lights are you most looking forward to in 2020?
And I mean all lights, LED flashlights, lanterns, headlights, bulbs, emitters, COBs, etc…
Do you know of any new amazing product (or community project) comming out in 2020?

Updating list based on user input:

  1. Haikelite HT70 SST70 5000K (or even 4000Kish if available in SST70)
  2. BLF GT4
  3. Meote FM1
  4. Lumintop FW21 Pro
  5. Imalent ms24, 150k lumens
  6. Emisar/Noctigon headlamp (maybe?)
  7. Lumintop with RGB backlight
  8. Lumintop GT nano
  9. Astrolux MF05 + Astrolux MF03
  10. Sofirn SP10S with Anduril
  11. Noctigon KR4

I’m interested in both Haikelite and Imalent’s new offerings. :sunglasses:

BLF GT4 if the damn thing ever comes out

Meote FM1

^This and the FW21 Pro are what I'm looking forward to.


Looking forward for Intl-Outdoor Emisar/Noctigon headlamp offering.

Imalent ms24, 150k lumens :v

MEOTE FM1. its gonna be my new work light hopefully.

I have slim hope that FW3A will introduce RGB aux LEDs like Emisars.

Other than this…I don’t see anything interesting on the horizon.
I’m sure some cool lights will show up this year but nothing nothing announced already turns me on.

Has this been confirmed?

Lumintop GT nano, Astrolux MF05, Astrolux MF03 or similar

Similar to me, although I hope they make it 21700, and maybe some aftermarket trit bits, a tail button with a slot or empty head so you don’t have to buy another whole light!

Wishful thinking:
16340 or 16650 / 14500 flashlight with Anduril (like…an Emisar :innocent: )

FW4A with 21700 tube!

Im most just curious how the GT4 will perform if it ever is getting released…

I can’t wait for my Clemence E21a Skillhunt H04RCs! This year will be the year of tint mixing. I ordered 1 with 2 x 3500k + 2 x 4500k and 1 with 2 x 3000K + 2 x 4000K. I think this is the most underrated project going.

I’ve also got some 219b r9080s on the way from Andy so I plan to mod a bunch of my current lights.

I will also add a MEOTE FM1, and an HL3A, just because I love Andruil

I didn’t really watch out for this light (MEOTE FM1). Isn’t it just a Lumintop FW3A revamp with RGB backlight? That light also looks like it will get red hot in seconds on full output.
I like the emitter options: LH35 1D 5000K, SST20 4000K, XPL-HI 6500K. Also someone commented they have shitty optics, but I am not an expert. Anyone knows something about this?

Sofirn SP10S with Anduril. I’d love a NIMH/14500 light with ramping and high CRI warmish tint.

Now I want to decide which one to buy. Can you give me advice between Noctigon KR4 and FM1 or FW4A. I really like that FM1 design. It is more beautiful compared to KR4 for me. It will be interesting are that two new flashlight are easily to disassemble like FW3A for futher mods. FM1 lack of choise for XPL-HI 5000K. Now is offerring with 6500K option only which I doesn’t like at all. From all of them maybe FM1 will have best cooling capabilities for longer turbo times.

I think hank mentioned that there will be a Titanium/copper version of kr4 coming out in October with illuminated backlight switch. But I dont have many details. I dont own any emisars, so seriously considering it :slight_smile: