[2023-03-20] Some additional forum features added

Hi everyone,

I just added some small improvements to the forum’s functionality.

Post editor options

Formatting buttons

  • strikethrough
  • underline
  • center/right/justify alignment (works for text or images!)
  • colored text (just replace the # in color=# and/or bgcolor=# with a color word like orange or a #123456 value)

Table editor

Screenshot from 2023-03-19 13-14-38

Something Other
This That
Other Else

It will also allow editing existing tables that have been created in the default post formatting language that this forum uses:
Screenshot from 2023-03-19 13-25-34

Additionally, it might be possible to edit complex tables in posts imported from the old forum in a visual way by following these steps:

  1. Locate the table in the old post and select/copy it before clicking the Edit button.
  2. Click the post Edit button and paste in the copied table, which should be automatically converted to the new format. (You might want to paste it above or below the original table code so as to not replace the original one quite yet.)
  3. Save the edited post.
  4. Click the Edit Table button that should appear over the new pasted table.

Table of Contents generator

On posts that are the first in the thread and that contain 3 or more headings (i.e. # Heading or ## Subheading) you can add an automatic table of contents to your post with this option in the post editor “gear” menu:

Screenshot from 2023-03-20 11-28-02

Light / Dark mode switcher

When the following options are enabled under /my/preferences/interface then a toggle button will appear on the sidebar. Notice that the toggle will only appear and work correctly when the user preference is set to BLF Theme and BLF Light color scheme with “Enable automatic dark mode color scheme”.

Screenshot from 2023-03-19 13-19-37

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Now it’s way easier to switch between BLF Light and BLF Dark themes, though you do have to have your settings just right as pictured above. :+1:

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@Correllux and @CollectEverything Could you please give the Light/Dark mode switcher a quick try?

@Hoop and @ChibiM Could you give the table editor a quick try?

@koef3 It should now be possible to center text as you requested here.

@Boaz Could you please give the new jump to top button a try on your iPhone?

YaaY! The light/dark toggle works! Thanks, sb. :joy:

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Is there any way to delete my floating button !? Thanks !

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Using a browser extension yes. But if the majority think it gets in the way then I can remove it. It can also be moved to the left side.

No, i want to delete mine please, because it’s always on and takes space !

My floating button from Opera Browser works better, because it activeted only when im scrolling, and works both ways… Up & Down !

But if it is a problem… i can leave with it !

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Ok thanks, let’s see what others say too.

Is the floating button the orange square with the ^?
Nevermind. Yep, that’s what people are talking about.
That’s what I get for skimming the thread instead of reading it. :man_facepalming:

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Works fine…that’s a nice toggle to have rather than going to account hoops.

I didn’t see it at first even after a page refresh (cookies are never here after session)…then when toggling in preferences and such a reset button appeared…that did the trick and the sidebar switcher appeared.

The jump to top is also a smart addition!

I was also going to put forth the idea of a quick(er) log-out button up top if that’s possible. Takes three clicks to get there now.

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How do you do that?
I tried to get rid of it with uBlock Origin, and I couldn’t figure it out.
Nevermind. I just got rid of it with uBlock! :+1:
Oops. It only got rid of it on this page, and not every page, and now it’s back on this page.

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Yeah, i check it again, and it takes a lot space especially together with the other functions… !
Plus i was the one who was talking about my floating button from Opera… back in the day… !

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I don’t really like the floating button. On desktop I can use the scrollbar or home key and in threads we have the very useful date slider. On the other hand the floating button appears very dominant and always feels distracting and unnecessary. I’d like to remove it, but on mobile we don’t have much choice, we can’t use an extension like on desktop.

edit: Just remembered: When you want to jump to the top, just click on the title in the header.

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If I could get rid of it with an extension, that would be a decent fix for me, but I’m not a fan of the floating button. :upside_down_face:

I think the floating button is superfluous.

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Personally, I really like the floating button.

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The floating red button maybe is useful on the topic list but not at all needed within a topic (since there’s a multitude of existing ways to jump to the top).

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Generate some tables?

Category 1 Category 2 Category 3 Category 4 Category5
Item1 Item2 Item3 Item4 Item5
Item6 Item7 Item8 Item9 Item10
Category 1 Category 2 Category 3 Category 4 Category5
Item1 Item2 Item3 Item4 Item5
Item6 Item7 Item8 Item9 Item10

Colors and other formatting works in the tables too.

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A pretty large gap is inserted before the table for some reason, but not after.

Hey there Hoop,

I believe it’s leaving space for the Edit button, but only if it would appear for that user (i.e. the post author and me as the admin). Here’s what it looks like for you and me:

And here is with an anonymous browser session: