21700 batteries look different then pictured?

I ordered some 21700 Samsung 50E 5000mAh batteries from 18650batterystore.com

They are blue, but they do not say Samsung or the model number anywhere on them. It is a blue wrap, with a white rectangular box with text in black that says “21700 5000mAh 3.7V”

It’s not a protected cell, so how do I know what the actual model number is an how many amps I can pull off of them?

In the package their is a card that says LABEL DECAL REMOVAL. Please remove the foil decal on the batteries which is required by US Customs when shipping lithium ion batteries. This will reveal the original manufacturer print.

How deep is it safe to cut into this to remove it? Or am I an idiot and it’s only the white label that is raised and feels like a sticker?

Could you take a picture and upload it perhaps?

The 50E has a maximum continuous current draw of 10A.

I got brave and pulled the white label off. It was covering what Samsung put on the cell. I’m just an idiot apparently. The note says to remove the foil decal. I thought it was the whole wrapper, but thought you’re supposed to dispose of lithium cells if the label is damaged? :person_facepalming:

No, you don’t have to dispose of the cell.

If the wrap was damaged, you can either put tape on it, or rewrap it:

US customs requires the removable sticker. These batteries have to have the size and voltage on it for shipping. No biggie. The sticker doesnt make the cell to fat to fit.