21700 battery tray recommendations

I am looking for a dual battery tray for unprotected 21700 batteries. So far I have found a couple options:

A) nylon injection molded

B) 3D printed using PLA+ (according to message from the seller)

From what I have read, it sounds like there are pros and cons for each material (and no clear cut winner). Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks…

For what use? How many you need?

Sorry, I meant to mention that. I am going to use two cells to run an old Eureka cordless stick vacuum. It pulls around 5.4A but on startup its a bit more. I only need one tray, but I was going to buy two. These are the cells I plan to use. If this works well, then I might use four cells in an old Roomba (that formerly used 14.4V NiMH batteries). BTW, I do plan to install protection PCBs. I see some options on eBay — but I am very open to recommendations and/or experiences (from items there or elsewhere).

So $9 to build with nylon injection molded and $7 to build with PLA+ 3D printed. Just go for the pretty injection molded one. Either works. If you were needing hundreds of them, the $2 would add up, but not in this case.

That is the way I was leaning. Thanks for the input.