21700 XinTD C8 V5 equivalent?

Since getting my XinTD C8 V5s, I’ve gotten pretty out of touch with the flashlight world as I’ve had no need to upgrade!
I’ve been considering getting a 21700 single cell flashlight, but I have no idea what the best bang for buck is these days. My XinTD C8 V5s have a XML-U2 with the headspreader soldered directly onto a solid pill.
Are there modern alternatives to the XML-U2 with similar properties but brighter/more efficient?

Convoy M21A with SST-40 is a good upgrade.

+1 or with SFT-40 for better throw.

Noctigon K1 From Hank

Or Convoy L21B with SFT40

Are you looking for throw, or flood?

I have a convoy S21 that I EDC at work, and I have a Wurkkos TS21 triple coming in. The convoy was $21 plus the cell. The TS21 was $34 including the cell.

Any C8 to me screams “thrower”, so I’d suggest looking at the IF22A. TIR optix, throws like Hell. Punchiest light I’ve seen in a long while.