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Me Love Crap, can always use more…I’m in.

“I like crap” or some such drivel and LX-1010B lux meter would be better than none or either of those.

I’m in for!

I like crap and crab.

sweet giveaway! I'm sure it'll go to a good home :)

I like Crap, we’re all about crap around here. Count me in!

I know, everyone likes to kid around and crap, but we learned a thing or two about crap and it changed our lives. My son was born with Hirschsprungs, the Ganglion cells (nerves that control the bowel) didn’t develop all the way down when he was forming in the womb. At birth, we almost lost him. After 3 weeks they did a 4 hour surgery to remove the 3 1/2-4 inches of colon that didn’t have the nerves present and now he’s fine. Well, living with it and all. He’s easily constipated (who knew those last few inches of colon are responsible for regulating the body’s level of hydration, so if you don’t drink enough that part of the colon takes fluid out of your crap so you can Live! Hence, constipation on one level)

So yeah, we’ve been celebrating crap for 5 years now, cause when he’s going we’re all happy…when he’s not, well it pains us all.

So, give a crap! Take a crap! To all a good crap! :slight_smile:

(For those that wonder, yes, as a photographer, I have taken pictures of D’s crap when he was first able to go on his own. So, let it be known that I take crappy pics)

What a crappy post there DBCstm! Glad to hear a good end to this story.


I'm In .......Too Deep

All that time I was searching, nowhere to run to, it started me thinking,
Wondering what I could make of my life, and who'd be waiting,
Asking all kinds of questions, to myself, but never finding the answers,
Crying at the top of my voice, and no one listening,
All this time, I still remember everything you said
There's so much you promised, how could I ever forget.

Listen, you know I love you, but I just can't take this,
You know I love you, but I'm playing for keeps,
Although I need you, I'm not gonna make this,
You know I want to, but I'm in too deep.


I’m In

In, can’t have too many crappy lux meters :wink:

Ahh wth, I like crap! Count me in!

I like crap, especially pre-tested, exactly 20% over reading crap. (which can be compared to my current and future lux meters)

I love Crap, I’m in.

I like crap!

“I like this crap!” :slight_smile:

Alas, it no longer reads 20% over. I de-crapified it by recalibrating it against my other meters. I could re-crapify it if needed…

AlexGT .... This is TOO Funny ....

But I like CRAP.....so count me in on this craptastic offer -

Thank you for the opportunity....

Could use this for measuring light levels for growing seedlings also, DUAL PURPOSE! I’m in, thanks btw.

Seedlings, eh? J) :party: