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I’m fairly new to this flashlight crap so this would make a nice addition to my growing collection of crap. Count me in.

Mmm… light meters are tasty…

Nice. Count me in for this fine crap.

I like crap

This is just the kind of crap I've been looking for-I'm in!


I am a crap… pl count me in…


(load of edition)

Me Gusta CaCa senor. Gracias para la caca.

Joining the crapfest as of now!

Ok I like crap… I like texaspyro :smiley:

i love this kind of crap! thanks a lot

I don’t like crap.
Kudos to your 2000+ posts.

Ya lux meter

I LOVE crap!

I for one support this Yeti-free zone seeing how my clan of Sasquatches has been at war with the Yeti for untold millenia. Drivelousdrivel…I’minthankyoutexaspyro

I don’t have a lux meter so… I like crap!

Same here, so I like crap!

I like crap


I need a light meter for sure.