22500 Li-ion batteries

Howdy folks

this subject has come up in the past a few times - decent quality 22500 batteries would be great for turning some 3xAAA flashlights into much more capable lights.

Since fasttech responded to a member’s request for 32650 batteries, please join me in requesting 22500s

to make it easier on you :slight_smile:

here’s fasttech’s product request LINK

and here’s a page to give them as an example


Done. :)


I hope they list them!

What lights does this size work on? That would be neat.

On a side note... I've been thinking about de-requesting certain batteries @ FastTech. Like the UF 3000mAh (link), that really don't operate at their rated capacity and get worse over time.

I bought these when I was newbie and think they give a bad impression to ppl initially getting into Li-ions.

the idea is for them to be used in lights that take cylindrical 3xAAA battery carriers.

I HATE AAA in every form except 1xAAA

but I have a few 3xAAA lights, like most of us, that would be worth upgrading emitter and driver in IF they could be powered by li-ion

fasttech replied to my request and stated that they didn’t want to purchase 1000 pieces (like in the link i gave them) but that they were trying to find a source for a smaller buy

yeah I never heard of a good 3 x AAA light.

I was thinking about these Efest 22650s, but then I measured my AAA battery carrier @ ~21 x 52.5mm, so yeah 22500 cell would work. Did a lot of searching with no good leads on 22500s. I would be neat if FastTech came through.

I was wondering which light you have or of any decent ones in this form factor.

I have some from tractor supply. they’re not great, but would at least get used w/ decent battery…

in general I try to avoid them, more than others here, which is why i’m surprised there wasn’t more interest in getting fasttech to stock them.

if they do, we’ll have to see if they’re any good…