22650 Flashlight from KD with XHP50.2

New KD product with 26650 and XHP50.2: http://www.kaidomain.com/p/S026764.KDIY-K5-Cree-XHP50_2-White-6500K-2650-Lumens-5-Mode-LED-Flashlight-Black

Looks promising?

Wow. That’s not bad. Looks like a supercharged convoy m1.
Purchased one. Thanks

@Rusty Joe,

Many Thanks for the “Heads Up” on this.

I see they also do a Warm White 3000K version.

S-L :slight_smile:

Looks great. Since my jaxman triple, I can’t do side switches any more. I’d love to get that 3000k model. Whos got this light for review?

Glass len, why not AR coated?, 34$ light with no AR coated is quite bad

I would rather have an option for smo reflector instead. Doesn’t these .2 versions remove the donut holes?

I just built nearly the same light, with components from them. Same body, booster driver; just a different tint: XHP50.2 J4 3A. The body had a green button though. Thought a 28mm AR lens would fit, but it’s 1-2mm too narrow of a diameter, so just running the stock glass lens right now.

Looks like a nice light. Sort of like an F13.Is this the host version?

The quoted body and head diameters are not consistent with the light in the OP, but it’s probably a mis-print. It looks like the host version comes with a smooth reflector

Is this a 12v 6v led? Either way lumins per watt doesn’t line up does it?

$33.19 free shipping is good!

nice light! very similar to the light I wanted to do with an Eagle Eye X7 and a 20mm boost driver

BanL says the light uses this driver and now has mode memory that you have to wait 3 seconds to activate.

http://www.kaidomain.com/p/S026606.H1-A-20mm-3A-1-cell-5-Mode-Boost-Driv… (link is external))

If that’s the driver this light uses then it has next mode memory. I just built a light with the same driver and also posted info about the driver in another post.

That is what he said as well. I’m out!

I was just clarifying since mode memory is not the same as NEXT mode memory.

Oh, i see, i hate next mode memory, too
My fav light will never have next mode memory

Are you guys saying this light has next mode memory? If so, I needa contact kd asap as cancel my order!

I guess I am lucky the H1-A driver I got also does have the pre-flash when you switch to low mode, but it has on-time memory with a ~3 seconds set time. I would rather have off-time memory but on-time is better than next mode memory

Also posted here :


It should NOT have next mode memory. It’s supposed to have on time memory.

Looks like the 6 volt version since it’s designed to pull 3 amps. 2500 lumen does seem to line up with 3 amps, but I think khas actually got 2.6 amps from his homemade light with the H1-A driver. So maybe output will be closer to 2,000 lumen.

I don’t know what kind of shelf the K5 has, but hopefully it’s decent at getting the heat out.

KD also sell a 18650 sized version light using the same boost driver and emitter. It’s called the KF-8

I asked kaidomain, too bad, they dont sell Ar lens for this light