26650 at $6.99??


I was looking over the Meritline site and found what looks like a protected 26650 for $6.99 (but the description doesn't say whether it is or isn't protected). Does anyone recognize this? Any other opinions?

By the way, what was the concensus on the Trustfire 5,000mAh 26650 from DealExtreme?



The king kongs are just few bucks more and proven from what I read

As much as I like Meritline they have a bad habit of posting pictures or specs of different products than what they ship and then you have to wait a month to find out you got something completely different. You are almost better off waiting until someone posts a review of it.


They do appear to be unprotected from the picture, but I highly doubt they are 4500mah.

I have the King Kongs also and highly recommend them.


Hi E1320,

I'm guessing that King Kongs will work with the XTAR WP6 II. (I read somewhere that the WP6 II has a "bump" at the positive contact that will work with unmodified King Kong batteries.)

BUT, what about the Trustfire TR-j12? Would the King Kongs need modding because they don't protrude at the positive end? (as a newbie, I would be afraid to mess with them). The magnet solution has already been discounted as being dangerous due to possible unwanted contact (a short) with the flachlight barrel if shaken.

It would be nice to settle on an inexpensive, but good 26650 and get qty 6+ of the same kind. (I'll probably end up with at least 2 lights that will accommodate the 26650.)

About Meritline - Although I've done quite a lot of business with them and am generally pleased, they don't even know very much about their own product and are often inaccurate in their descriptions. Bottom line - I agree with you about the not wanting to be the guinea pig for one of their new products.



I use a penny on the positive side to charge mine ,lol I use the ultra fire 137 I believe it is ,lol

The King Kongs need a magnet added to use in a two cell light because the cover protrudes to far. I have some super tiny magnets I got from DX that are made for that purpose they are way to small to short on anything. I am not sure about that charger or that light I don't own either one, sorry.

Hi E1320,

Do you happen to have a link or an sku for those magnets? They would probably be good for the Panasonic Flat Tops that I ordered from a BLF member some time back and also 26650s in the TR-j12 (as well as other lights to come?)

I'd like to order them before I forget.