26650 Double Test: TrustFire Protected and King Kong ICR26650 from Wallbuys

I don’t like the voltage it arrived at. I don’t like the capacity. I definitely don’t like the internal resistance. Also I don’t like the unmatched capacity.

In spite of the fancy hologram it got confirmed that you never know what you get when ordering UF/TF batteries. Could be old, could be crap, but probably both.

Considering the size difference, the capacity increase over 18650 is only marginal. Count in a fact these noname cell age faster than branded cells and you can get in an 18650 capacity territory as fast as year and few dozen cycles, but with a higher internal resistance.

An 18650 equivalent would be 1900 and 1850 mAh. I wouldn’t pay more than 1 buck for such laptop pull so value is roughly 2 USD a piece.

Internal resistance was a bit tricky to read because of the protection plate and/or protection itself. The lowest readings were around 70miliohms. This value is especially bad compared to KK with 4 times lower IR while still having 16% more capacity.

Interal resistance is really outstanding. It’s lower than any IMR,INR, CGR or LIFEPO4 I own. By only few miliohms, but still.

Thanks Milan. Interesting test. I have never bought batteries from Wallbuys and wont be buying Trustfires from them. I have bought about 15 Trustfires 26650’s elsewhere and none have been close to your figures.