26650 for Lumintop ODF 30C

Looks like Lumintop has discontinued their 26650 battery… Can anyone recommend a high quality protected cell that will fit my Lumintop ODF 30C ?..

Only if you’re willing to pay >20bux (Imalent).

Dunno any others offhand.

Thanks Lightbringer ….May have to go with an unprotected cell….

Just goggled it, Lumintop has their own protected 26650 as shown in the pic. Odd. No LVP or anything in the light itself?? No idea why they’d show it (implicitly saying it needs one) with a protected cell.

I’d just throw a LK in there and be done with it. :laughing:

They did , but a 26650 no longer appears on their battery sales page…. I ordered an EVVA 5200maH @ $15.49 shipped from a reputable dealer… I’ve had good results with their 18650 cells.

Shockli 26650 15A
Shockli 26650 5500 / 5000 mAh, good up to 15A continuous
HKJ Review

Vapcell 26650 30A
Or if you want max amps Vapcell 26650 4300 mAh, HKJ has not reviewed exactly this cell, I wonder if this is the same as Golisi Gold. Then it can handle 30A continuous. Real high current battery.
Golsi Gold Review
Buy - Edit: Notice here you can also choose a button top version.

I have been using a Shockli in my ODF.

keeppower are good if u want protected cells… if they fit i have no idea.