26650 power bank light

This light

Dodgy looking charger bank but it looks like a solid light to me.
Plus the ability to change driver.

Any comments before I put this in my Christmas wish list?

Kaidomain sells that light as JKK26 for about the same price but with better LED choices.
I have one in my cart from their Aliexpress store, just haven’t hit the buy button yet.
JKK26 Cree XP-L HI White 6500K / Neutral White 4500K 980 Lumens LED Flashlight with USB Charging Head - Black ( 1x18650/1x26650

If you don’t have to have the USB charge/Batt Bank I suggest the Eagle Eye X7 on Gearbest. X7 can be modded to a triple if you wish. Uses 20mm driver.

Kaidomain sounds like good news.
X7 meh. I’d go with X5r or zanflare f1 if needed in that charging format.

Looks like a very nice 26650 host with smooth reflector. What kind of stock driver does it uses?

I'd slam an LD-29 in it, or maybe an H1-A boost engine and a dedomed XHP50, or sort of.

Anybody actually have this light?
how is the charging and powerbank function? looks nice IMHO

I have the JKK-13 and is a good flashlight, the charger powerbank works good!

Here is some info from a while back.

I have this light purchased from the Aliexpress seller. Light is solid, well built, and powerbank/USB charging all seem to work ok. One has to unscrew the head to access charge port and to use it as a powerbank however, i find myself not knowing what to do with the head when doing so :slight_smile:

@Barkuti - The Ali version came with an XML with a 6x3175 board. Driver board is 20mm but shelf is too shallow for an H1-A and will not fit.

I have since replaced the emitter to an XPL HI and piggy backed a few 3175’s, like it more now. $20 it makes a good bedside light.