26650 shipped to US

I’m having a hell of a time finding decent 22650 cells that will ship to me in the states… anyone have a favorite that is easily purchased and shipped? Protected and unprotected

Here are 26650 cells being shipped from US based sellers.

I only have a few 26650 lights and I have Purple Efest in them. I usually buy them from this seller on Ebay. Free shipping and they have always tested to spec.


These are the highest performance 26650 cells that exist at the moment.

These are supposedly the highest performing cells in 26650, Golisi IMR 26650 35A 4300mAh High Drain Battery. Test/review of Golisi IMR26650 4300mAh (Gold)
I have 2 coming to check them out in a D4S Quad. Got them from √ 3avape, USA Premium Vape Store Online

Dumb question but, I’m having a hard time telling the difference between protected and unprotected. Flat tom doesent necessarily mean unprotected right? Are the goldi’s protected. I’m looking for both. Protected for my convoy L6 and unprotected for my catapult.

No FT dosen’t mean protected. Your going to need raised tops to make a 2S connection for your L6, or solder blob flat tops yourself. These are some really good protected cells and will work 2S. Just measure the I.D, of the L6 battery tube to make sure these will fit.

Thanks. I have 2 keeppower 5200 that I’ve been running in my L6. They work but they rattle. I like my lights to feel solid. Soldering is an option. So how do i know if they are protected or not? My thunite battery’s says protected on it. The flat top keeppowers do not

usually a protected cell is a bit longer then unprotected so its easy to tell. If it says protected then it should be…

also there are both protected and unprotected keeppower 26650.

but if u are looking for the best battery for the convoy l6 the ones u have keeppower are the best and are even recommended to use from the maker Simon in l6.

The very few protected I have state protected on the battery label itself. Most resellers have a section on their websites for Protected cells only. Sometimes you can make out the protection circuit strip running along the length of the battery.

I just hate the rattle. I’m sure there are some other weirdos out there that feel the same way! So the keeppower 5200 are not protected? I always thought you should use pretoected in they were lined up in one cylinder like the l6.
I did buy them bc they were reconvened for the light. Just don’t like the feel really. They have preformed just fine

You can try adding wraps to your cells for the rattling…I use strips of thin rubber slipped into the tube.

Here is a thread you can check out…Lithium-ion battery safety 101

I personally do not use Protected cells in any of my lights.

if they are all black then unprotected, i think u have the protected if it looks like this

It seems i have the protected since mine are all black. I’ll try the wraps as long as unprotected will work safely

I also just ordered the protected ones…they are pricey…I’m buying too many batteries !

well thats good, good batteries cost a bit more but who wants the bad stuff? so lets go buy it some nice cells…

I hope you get them! I ordered from them a month ago. They gave me the wrong tracking number and insisted it was correct after It was verified Incorrect by DHL! Eventually they said it was LOST and reimbursed me.They wasted Two weeks of my time.

FOR OP and anyone else for that matter. I would order Orbtronics.They are in USA[Florida]. They have Protected and Unprotected cells. Their UNPROTECTED 5750mah cell measure 100+mA more than the Shockli 5500mAh on my Opus. Supposedly the same cell[PLB-55].

I am using them in my CATvn V6 and my U21vn,best combo of Amp draw and run time.Plenty of amps for these modded lights.

You are guaranteed to get them and that will be in 3 or 4 days after you order. :+1:

P.S. ask Sal for a coupon code[I have a personal one]. You will save $2. They will end up only costing you ~ $2 more than any of the cheapest priced high drains from China,again,you will get them and it will be expedient!