26800 battery

Hello to you all!
Who knows how to do for to buy and charge batteries in subject? thanks in advance for kind reply.

Try here: https://www.nkon.nl/catalogsearch/result/?q=26800

Fot charging, for now probably just use the flashlight builtin charger.

VIT55, I have found the following on Ali Express:

HWB Sci & Tech Store, selling 26800 battery with 3.7V, 5,500 mAh, and 5C, for about US$25 for two cells, including shipping from China to Singapore. You will have to find out how much the shipping from China to Italy.

For charging, I have ordered also two magnetic cables/chargers of TrustFire UC10, each costs about US8. No shipping fee.

In addition, I have ordered on Banggood a single-slot Yonii micro USB charger at the link below. It costs US$7.32.

Will find out soon whether these things really work. I am looking forward to trying the 26800 cell on the Astrolux FT03 and on the EA01S. If the worst comes to the worst, I think I can still charge the 26800 cell with the built-in C-type USB on each of these two flashlights.

Sometimes, I do have some doubt whether I am wasting money on the 26800-flashlights and batteries. I suspect they may not be much different from using the regular 26650 cell on either the FT03 and EA01S.


I am using olights USB to magnetic charger. If someone doesn’t make a good one soon I will make my own tray and wires from that back to a dummy cell in my normal charger.

My nightwatch nsx4e came with cell and 26800 charger, but without seeing a review I don’t trust it much, and don’t have the equipment to test the charger.

Well they certainly aren't necessary but thus far I think they're a very nice improvement in capacity, and the Queen Battery model is quite capable of delivering good current and not sagging too much. The Vapcell red-elephant 26650 I have are pretty good cells and the QB 26800 is equal but has noticeably longer run times. For my FT03 it's one of the few lights that I may run constantly for longer periods of time and I really appreciate the longer run time that the 26800 has given that light. Enough that I don't feel the need to carry a spare cell whereas I usually did with the 26650s. If the 26800 didn't exist and if these accessory tubes hadn't been introduced, I'd still be happy, but I'm slightly happier now. :)

I don't know if QB makes all of that size but I see two or three other varieties on Aliexpress...some with an oddly exposed bottom of the can. If those aren't the same QB maybe they won't share the same great performance characteristics.

I like the volume of the flashlights, seems more efficient for my hand than 26650. I prefer capacity and the amps seem like plenty for my eyes.

Thanks Correllux for your reassuring comment.

I am eagerly awaiting delivery of my Astrolux EA01S in 26800 tube and battery. I have also ordered two 26800 cells on Ali Express.

In addition, I have ordered four pieces of small extensions to put on my Convoy L6 and L7 in order to use 26800 cells on them. Will see if these things work. If not, at least these colourful extension pieces will make my long Convoy flashlights extraordinary shelf pieces.

Have a safe and pleasant Sunday, all BLF friends!