26800 Lights and extras.

So I guess this is an FT03?

Yes, but under the Mateminco name.

Ok, cool

Lovely collection

definitely! I can't wait to actually, mostly because there is so little information on it! I look forward to it

I love the idea, but I am not sure that another format is what is needed. I will say, if the tube would fit the S11… I would go for it. My FC40 S11 has real problems sustaining the upper 2 modes with all of my 26650’s except for the old Lii 26650. My 21700 powered FC40 lights do not have this issue with decent cells.

So the FT02s takes a 26800, that I didn’t know.

What’s the output like, I use a Molicel p42a in mine for the output, as it bests my 26650 Shockli.

I’m getting about the same amperage with the 26800 vs Samsung 40T with a very slight advantage to the 26800. I believe the Samsung 40T and Molicel P42A run almost identical.

Excellent, thanks for this that’s good to know.
I had no idea they sell an extended tube for it, so got that and the rather pricey Queen battery coming for it.

Least it’ll save having to charge it as often.

Any idea if it fits in the Vapcell S4+?

It’s too long for all but one charger that I don’t remember. However this charger does work Olight | Illuminate Your World. It’s a 10 hour affair from empty. For cheaper batteries 26800 6800mAh 3.7v Li-ion Flat Top Battery – Aloft Hobbies Email them about cheaper shipping if the check out is too much.

I have a D4S V2 with the 26800 battery tube but you know what I want (besides more cowbell)?
I want a Rofis angle light that takes the 26800 battery.
I think that would be tits! Seriously.
Or maybe something like the Acebeam X-10 as an angle light with a 26800 battery.
Or any angle light with a 26800 battery!

Shame that Rofis died on the vine…those angle lights were great and I love what I’ve got from them. I keep hoping that someone will pick up their line/designs under another brand but it doesn’t seem to be happening. Maybe you could email the folks at Nicron to see if they’d consider that…maybe a 26650 model with an extension for 26800. Not long ago someone on here bought an angle from a tactical-type retailer here in the US (L.A. something…I think…thread should come up if you search for Rofis) and while not as nice, the angle models they have look decent (no 26800 of course, but since it’s a house brand maybe they could be persuaded to consider one if it isn’t just too bulky for their target market). It’d need a hefty tail magnet.

Hello everyone. Just letting you know that I got Simon to add a 70.3 HI option to the Convoy MC-3 listing on AliExpress

Unfortunately, no emitter could save the M3-C for me. I had one with the FC40 4000-4500K and 26800 tube, and ended up selling it. The M3-C fails the ‘can I find the button in the dark?’ test rather spectacularly. That usually isn’t something I have to even think about…you only notice it when it’s missing.

Fortunately, most of Convoy’s lineup doesn’t have this problem. I replaced that M3-C with an L6 that had the same emitter, and I’m quite happy with it.

Yeah, the L6 is a great light, just too big for my tastes. The M3-C is a great combination of output and runtime. Finding the switch hasn’t been a problem for me.

Simple fix. Add a button surround.