26800 Lights and extras.

I got hit hard by the 26800 format. So I thought lets post some pics.

Back row; NSX4 XHP50.2, Alonefire, Convoy M3C, M3, L7, L6 XHP70.2 5000K
Front row; modified Xtar X2, Haikelite HK4S SST-40, Astrolux EA1S SST-40 5000K, EA1 XHP50.2, Mateminco MT04 XHP50.2 5700K, Astrolux FT02S XHP50.2

Hello, Did you have to take an o ring off of the double 26800 extension tube for the l7?

No, they work perfect as they lock together with more tension then the rest. It comes close to making them a single unit.

Very nice! I forgot the L6/L7 could be extended. Maybe I will buy one after all.

I think the Nightwatch NI03 is next for me though.

Curious to see FT02s vs Haikelite HK4s, if you have the same emitters in both.

Nice collection. Do you notice the longer run times?

I got a set of four extension tubes from Convoy flashlight Store on Ali Express and have enjoyed putting them on my Convoy L7, L6, and M3.

Putting two extension tubes on L7, I can use two 26650 cells and one 26350 cell. And it works nicely.

But if putting only one tube on L7, then I need to use two 26800 cells.

Are you saying you use 2x26650 and 1x26350 in series? Yikes.

Different emitters. The Astrolux EA01S has the nearly same reflector as the HK4S.

It’s a mixed bag. Turbo with the 26800 slightly better than the Samsung 40T, so it draws more than the better 26650’s do. On high and lower it’s got a bit better runtime.

My sbt90 KR1 need this 26800 extension :disguised_face:

Different in mine, too. Don’t have ea01s.

How about 26800 battery cases, that’s what I am missing.

Alonefire is in with some good company. What do you think of it?

It’s a budget light, slivers in the threads. But it works. XP-L emitter, built in charger, a few modes, good beam, all for $17 with battery. Honestly it sit empty in the desk as an extra charger. Budget lights have moved beyond this level.

I would like a Vapcell style padded zipper case holding 2 cells. Maybe this Page Not Found - Aliexpress.com It’s built for a standard deck of cards 3.5”x2.5” or 89mm x 64mm. Should hold 2 cells and an Olight Universal Magnetic USB Charger.

Nice, I will try one.

Here are my lowly (3) 26800 lights. All Astrolux/mateminco. I keep forgetting Convoy has them too! I need to finally try the M3c-u with this battery. I notice what seems like much better battery life, and no visual decrease of power at all. I love this format.

Astrolux FT03 (xhp50 5700k)

Mateminco TK04 (xhp50 5700k)

Astrolux EA01s (xhp50 6500k)

For what its worth, i have also sold (3) 26800 lights which were - (1) Astrolux EA01 xhp50 5700k, (1) Astrolux EA01 sst40 5000k, and (1) Astrolux EA01s sst40 5000k. All three of those had the 26800 tubes and i sold them with the QB26800 to sweeten the deal.

So far i actually think my favorite form factor / feel in hand is the EA01 series. that light feels great with the extra 15mm of handle length. The FT03 also feels great and like it should have been made with this tube. I have another one of those coming in with the tube and the SFN55.2 LED. that should be cool!

Thats an Awesome Collection @ Texas Shooter !

Thanks. You’ll need to do us a review of that Mateminco MT70 mini SFN55.2 when you get it. It’s really a new LED for almost all of us.

I am looking forward to my first 26800 based light.