26800 Lithium-ion battery

I ordered a Nightwatch NSX4 XHP50.2 K4 from Nealsgadgets. I see it listed as using a 26800. I found some data on both and the 26800 is for sale in the USA for $4.75. https://alofthobbies.com/qb-26800-6800mah-37v.html And a test review. https://secondlifestorage.com/showthread.php?tid=6806 I’ve got a few 26650 lights with very long springs that it might fit in. I received 4 of them two days ago. It is exactly 80mm’s and too long to fit anything. Diameter wasn’t an issue as they slid into all 26650 tubes.

I’m really limited in my testing ability. So I charged the battery over night and it held a charged voltage of 4.19 after an hour off the charger. Due to their length I used the Olight Universal Battery Charger. For the discharge test I used a Cree XP-L2 P60 dropin with 2-7135 chips and duct tape. After exactly 10 hours of running termination voltage was 2.84 volts. I’m guessing it’s around 7000 mah capacity. 15 extra mm’s for about 1400 mah over the best 26650 battery. Worth it?

WOW, that is Massive !! :open_mouth:

Not a bad trade off for the extra size. It’s not like a light that sized would have a deep carry pocket clip or anything so I would only carry it in a bag or something like that. Few of those in a DIY power bank would be nice. $4.75 a pop is super reasonable.

Test here: Bench Test Results: Queen Battery QB26800 20.4A 6800mAh 26800...great performing, high capacity | E-Cigarette Forum

Bench Test Results: Queen Battery QB26800 20.4A 6800mAh 26800...great performing, high capacity @ E-Cigarette Forum

Queen Battery QB26800 6800mAh 20A - the big guy! @ Thunderheart Reviews

I’m looking at my Convoy M3 and L2. I want both in 26800 now. Comparing Mooch’s test between the best 26650 and this 26800 it’s about 1400 mah extra at 10 amps. Yes, 2-18650’s will equal this but I prefer single cell lights for work.


I’ll be looking to see if any of my 26650 lights have “too big” springs. :laughing:

I’ve seen the battery before and I really liked it. I asked a couple manufacturers to offer longer tubes…without success.
Nice to see a manufacturer that tried, though this is not my kind of light.
I haven’t thought about trying to fit it in a 26650 light. :wink:

Personally would love to have a quad tube for my L6 but alas
I think ya would have to remove one of the springs at one end and replace it with a brass standoff or something.

I’ll see how much room is in my various 26650 lights.
Seems I remember the SP70 had a long tube.
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Sounds like a great battery for my needs.
Stupid question now. Is it possible this size battery will become popular and widely available or will it fade into obscurity? The battery world seems to be “driven” by EV manufacturers, so does anyone have inside info or a crystal ball to assess the chances? And then there is the charger issue…. any thoughts or guesses?

Nealsgadgets also list 21700 batteries as being usable in that light. I have not got a single charger that could charge a battery that long, so that would be a deal breaker for me. I guess I could get one of those olight chargers with magnetic positive and negative ends, but still, as many 21700 batteries as I have, I would just use them. you could also rig up a piece of steel bar 26mm diamater and 15mm long on the negative side to allow use of 26650 batteries. I just never have liked batteries of unusual size. In spite of what Olight would have you believe, a standard 21700 protected button top battery will work fin in my seeker 2 pro turned with the negative closest to the head, it just can’t be charged inside the light. The orbtronics batteries work well. No need to pay over twice as much for the Olight modified batteries just to have a spare.

I’ve got some 26700 that fix everything but Fivemega host. 26800 fit nothing. It comes close in the Convoy M3 but it will need some milling.

I don’t think there’s significant future for this size. No big cell manufacturers make it which means that few flashlight manufacturers care.
This is unfortunate though, 26800 is quite an ergonomic size.

Thanks for the reply. I think I’ll pass on this one and stick to a few popular sizes.

I received the Nightwatch NSX4 XHP50.2 K4 from Nealsgadgets today. It came with a Yonii C2000 battery charger that holds up to 86mm batteries. IMG-9577 hosted at ImgBB — ImgBB IMG-9579 hosted at ImgBB — ImgBB
No idea of this chargers quality.

Good to see that I am not the only one that started checking my lights and thinking about “Will it fit?”

Thanks for the pics. I am also getting that light through SkyLumen. I asked him about the charger that comes with it. He said single cell and charges at 2 Amps. No doubt the same one you have.

When I google YONII C2000 nothing comes up. Before I knew the name that you provided I decided that I better get Two of these Folomov magnetic chargers. Only charge at 1Amp , but good to have others in case YONII is not reliable and for the ability to charge more batteries.

Got the 26800 to fit a FT03 with De-lensed 90.2… copper contact on driver, bored out copper rings and driver retainer, to space out battery tube, flat laying (when totally compressed) alloy gold plated tail cap spring… 4.21v 22.7amps 5200lumen off the T/A maukka lumen tube.

Purchased 4 of the QB26800’s… thinking about maybe making a couple custom tubes for other lights I have…it is a really good performing battery so far…

Wow. A dream walking light.