2x Shining Beam C-mini (in 14500 format). Jetbeam Mini-1 Ti (2016 titanium, no clip). Possibly my Four Sevens Quark QT2L-X.

I have 2 new Shining Beam C-mini flashlights that Brian was kind enough to swap to the 1xAA body for me to use a 14500 (for a few extra :money_mouth_face:. Lights will run on standard AA, but high brightness is limited.

$25 each + shipping. I prefer USPS, but will use whatever you wish.

Info on lights:

Jetbeam Mini-1 Ti. 130 lumen, 10180 micro usb rechargeable titanium light. New, only pulled out to verify charging and light was good (and take pics).

$25 + shipping.

I also have an excellent condition, basically new (IE: barely used) Four Sevens Quark Tactical QT2L-X light. Spent a little time on my nightstand, but even then hardly ever picked it up. It is still on the original batteries that came with it. This is the programmable version (pre-lawsuit).

Asking $85 + shipping

Dust around the switch.

Original battery & all accessories.