2x18650 THROWER under $75

I understand the price may not seem "budget" at first glance but then for what I'd like it to do it certainly would be considered that. I'm looking for something that will be used around the property 99% of the time so size really isn't an issue, although I still wouldn't want anything like a 4D Mag (size and weight). Reflector size is not an issue at all. I would like to see out up to 150-200 yards with fairly good ease, however, I'd also love to have a little flood as well. Throw would be more of a priority over flood. I wouldn't mind just purchasing the head and fitting it to a body of my choosing. Actually, if that's an easy enough option I'd prefer that.

This will pretty much be used every night and will be replacing an HID spotlight I paid just about as much for so $75 for an awesome thrower (with a little flood if possible) would be a bargain. Any ideas? THANKS!

BTW.. I'll even do my own modding if it would net me even better results for the same price. Just point me in the right direction

Maybe http://www.manafont.com/product_info.php/sky-ray-stlv2-cree-t6-adjustable-or-modes-led-flashlight-2186503163403cr123a-p-7191

I've been looking for the same kind of light for same time and this one has been the most appealing to me. Review on BLF: https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/2903

Should be about the same as Olight M3X triton http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ASH0WXioYe8

i bought a jetbeam BC40, from shiningbeam, after a friend dropped his in four feet of mucky water, fished it out and went on without a blink. it was under 70usd (just under) and i had it in a few days ( i am a big fan of this company, no affiliation)

2 X 18650, regulated, seemingly impervious finish and simple. two modes, low; around 100 lumens, for general backyard use, and BANG, a high that is impressive, (700+ ??, dont have a way to measure ), battery life seems to go on and on for general use. you can spend less but this thing is built like a tank and will not die.

Seems like a good choice for what you are looking for. I haven't been any throw numbers in a review but it should do well.

Hello, Im new here my first post..I have a couple of lights that I bought new to

high end lead light..well any way @Weiser this is nice light that I just bought shines far

nice spot and some nice spill..


You guys are coming up with some great suggestions. I'm gonna be researching these tonight when I'm home from work and I'll post some feedback.

But for now, how do you feel about the XM-L emitters for throw? I don't mind some flood/spill since I'm already looking for that as well, so maybe there's enough power, together with the reflector, to push the light out far enough it compensates for throw? All my research seems to indicate XM-L is more suitable for flood. I do already have an L2i XM-L and it certainly does excel in that

@weiser701....I have this light to its real nice good throw nice spill also..


Im also looking at a Hs-802 They say it is a good thrower one of the best for throw... little spill


I think anyone that is interested in throw should probably get the Uniquefire HS-802 just so you know what it's like. You can get it for about $25 if you don't have to have the HA III finish version.

If you want throw from a XM-L then you need to find one fully driven (at least 2.8A) and with a 60 mm head.

By comparison the HS-802 is driven at less than 1A and has a 45 mm head (as I recall).

To complete your "experience" with throw :) you should probably get a 28 mm aspheric lens ($2) and a P60 host with a XR-E R2 drop-in and you will have a tight beam of light with no spill in a small package.

Throw isn't expensive...lumens are :)

Also, another option is a decent priced 2x18650 with a big reflector that can be modded. Something as simple as replacing the emitter and driver. I wouldn't mind the practice. It's not so much about saving money but rather squeezing the most out of what might be considered a budget light (for the output anyway).

The Masterpiece Pro 1 with L2 body and extension at solarforce sales http://www.itc-shop.net/product.php?sname=&s=26&t=LF

got that combo for 53USD.

My lame attempt at a beamshot without a tripod and a light holder @ around 60-65 yards from tree

For a hobbyist, the Masterpiece Pro-1 is a must have in the collection, yes....esp for Solarforce fans so that you can lego it around for the fun of it. But I think for the OP in which he came from the HID fraternity and because he is using in a real-world app, bare minimum is XM-L thrower in a 52mm reflector size. If he has more budget, i'd definitely recommend the TK70, this would match his HID experience. (if he was using a 35W flashlight type HID, even surpass it comfortably)


Im interested in this.. how does this work...So I just have to get the head pro 1 and L2X body and thats it.

thanks for more info.......

I have considered the Masterpiece Pro-1 and researched reviews, but I came to the conclusion I'll still want something with more output (I'm not believing the data from the manufacturer). I can't think of the make/brand of my HID spotlight but it's not the 35W flashlight variety. It's a China light that I paid about $60 for on ebay and it's actually a pretty decent deal for what it can do. It's been reviewed by a respected member at candlepower forums and he was collecting about 450,000 lux I believe. Of course it's also a brute.


Thanks for the suggestion and I responded to it in my previous post. I'm actually familiar with that site since that's where I purchased all of my other Solarforce gear :) Definitely the best company to get Solarforce from.

I forgot to list these as possibilities I've been considering:

JetBeam BC40 - $60 with discount http://www.bugoutgearusa.com/bc40.html (hyde already suggested this one earlier in the thread)

Trustfire X8 - $52 http://www.manafont.com/product_info.php/trustfire-x8-xmlt6-led-1000lumen-5mode-memory-led-flashlight-1218650-p-5969?rp=091774

Skyray STL-V2 - $55 http://www.manafont.com/product_info.php/sky-ray-stlv2-cree-t6-adjustable-or-modes-led-flashlight-2186503163403cr123a-p-7191

Anybody have opinions on those and how they stack up to the competition relative to price?

and the Sky Ray STL-V2 here: https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/2858

ive got the X8 and Stlv2. id like to have the bc40 but after getting the stlv2 i just dont think the bc40 can top it.


Funny, I was already reading that thread and then edited my post to include that light, just as you made that post

Now I'm wondering about spill between those three. A little spill would be welcomed since it's gonna be primarily a critter light used from the house. But I'm liking the Skyray. Just when I thought the X8 would be a good get I see the STL-V2 seemly blow it away. I just wonder about the spill though.


I really appreciate your review and comparison of the STL-V2 and X8. So what do you think of the spill from the STL-V2? Does it primarily excel at throw and just that or will I get some flood out of it? I would mostly be shining out into a grassy field from the second story of my house with the spot usually striking about 75 to 125 yards. I would like to be able to see in the general vicinity around that spot and up to the house since that's what I get from my HID light.

if you saw that youtube video of the m3x on the first reply post thats pretty much the same light with decent spill