2x18650 with high CRI?

I'm looking for a thrower over 1200 lumen that takes 2x 18650. I want the second battery for duration not power. This would be one to use for long excursions, and well...my chargers support 2 batteries so I might as well use it.

Bonus points for a triple Nichia 219c or something high-quality. As much as I love my Nichia 219B's, I'm willing to give in a little for higher output.

1200lm doesn’t need a triple. Better go with single LED thrower, for smaller size and farther beam. There are plenty of XPL HI, or XHP35 HI based flashlight options out there.

- Clemence

Yeah, still want high CRI. I see some customs I can make, but I'm not at that level yet. I'll have to read more.

Man a SmallSun ZY-T08 seems perfect, to bad they don’t make them anymore… 2 parallel 18650’s, good throw, correct amount of lemons you’re asking for. Sorry.

@RobertSig, order a Convoy L2, and request Simon to put in an SST-20 4000k instead of XP-L HI.

You will be getting much higher CRI, and keep the throw.

I will look into that BlueSword. Thanks!

Would something with a Samsung LH351D be better? Now that I think about it, for a backyard thrower, I'm good with 5000K and 80 CRI. I've read some examples have horrible green tint though.


You would be losing a lot of throw, especially if you go high CRI, since the LH351D has a much larger die compared to the SST-20.

IMO, just leave a message when buying a Convoy L2 on the Convoy store to put in an SST-20 4000k instead of an XP-L HI.

You will lose lumens, get the same throw, and much better color rendition.

So this is my n00bness talking, but looking at this graph, does this mean the SST-20 can only do 720 lumens? Or how does luminous flux compare?


The 3000K graph shows lumens and it's not much better.


Yes, around 720-800 lumens. It’s usually around 700-750 lumens at 2,8-3A in a real flashlight. You will be losing around 200-250 lumens, which really isn’t noticeable in real use.

However, since the intensity of the SST-20 is 30% higher than the XP-L HI, and it’s a 95CRI emitter vs a 70CRI emitter, you won’t notice any difference in throw, and you will absolutely love the color quality difference.

I'm definitely sold on the high CRI SST-20, no question. One last question... from my Interwebs searching, I found this:


This seems to do 1000 lumens with 3 emitters. I assume they won't be overdriven much (longer lasting?) being "only" 1000 lumens. Any reason not to get this instead? I don't know how the driver or programming compares to the Convoy, or if it has bad pwm, other issues, etc.

Well, you would getting way less throw compared to the Convoy L2.

Still, this does have 2 cells support, and is quite the good light, with being able to swap drop-ins on the fly.

If you want to get the Kaidomain light instead, I’d recommend getting the one linked for close use/flood:

Plus this one for throw(SST-20 and SMO reflector):

You could swap them on the fly for either flood or throw use :slight_smile:

OK, I see what you mean. The P60 doesn't allow for a deep reflector with 3 emitters, but it does for a single. I'm learning!

I'll make a decision between the two. Thanks again!

I would not go with P60 design, too much limitations
no big reflectors
often bad thermal connection of the pill to body

compare todays lights with things like integrated shelf like Jaxman E2 vs. aluminum foil bugfixes on P60 triples to get heat problems better

its a dead end too many people want to keep

OK thank you Lexel. I wonder if I should wait to see if others come out with more SST-20 designs.

I don't need high CRI, but I don't want crap either. My ideal would be 4500K around 80+ CRI and doing 1200 lumens. It doesn't seem to exist though.

If only Zebralight would do bigger and 2S lights it would exist already

but my best advise is go with single cell and a spare battery

1400 Lumens
80 CRI
decent throw
and pocketable

Last question. Do any of these recommendations turn completely off, or are they in standby? This is for an emergency light that will not get much use. Yeah, I'll take out the batteries once a year to recharge them, but I don't want them to deplete unnecessarily without use.

Both of them use mechanical tail-switches.

When off, they are OFF.

P60 is not a “dead” design, so those who continue to declare it as such should stop their nonsense. It is a robust design. Yes, it can’t serve to be an award winning thrower, but that’s not the point of it. It was meant to be a modular solution to be housed in capable well built hosts. Proper installation with copper or aluminum wrapping takes care of thermal dissipation. Yes, a little more than the price of a P60 drop-in can result in a complete flashlight that will outperform in several respects, except for ruggedness and longevity. This is why the tactical user enjoys the P60, while the average flashlight enthusiast isn’t interested.

Ugh!! OK the purist in me is not gelling with the Convoy L2 being a native 26650 flashlight and not 18650. I don't want extra width that I'm not using. If I have extra width, I'd rather buy a Nitecore EC4GTS instead, but it doesn't have the LED's I want.

Does Convoy make an extended length C8+ ?