2xAAA penlight

this 15 lumens LED Penlight is great little light i find i very good for EDC at work in my shirt pocket

it is not much bigger then a pen and is suprisingley bright for 15 lumens

2 aaa rechargebles give 12-15 hours of continuis light

i realy like this one


Ah yes. I saw another one like that one that had the full-diameter lens instead of a small orifice. At any rate, I’m glad you like it. They’re coming out with some great deals recently.

Focalprice has a 2-AAA version of the Richuang AAA that looks interesting, it's the 7002: http://www.focalprice.com/LF595B/7002_3W_Super_Bright_LED_FlashlightTorch_with_Clip_Black.html

I'm about ready to order the 1-AAA Richuang from DX; if I like it enough, I'd consider the 2-AAA.

It turned out brighter than I expected. It looks to be a typical Nichia beam, probably a K1.

15 lumens from a single 5mm LED would have stunned me, the ten I got, dropping to about 9.5 after 2 minutes was much more than I expected. That makes it 50% brighter than a Fenix E01 and more than 2.5 times as bright as an E0. That was with NiMH. With my last two AAA alkalines that are needed for something else, it read 61 lux initial brightness, or 11 lumens which puts it in the same area as the AA Powerlight that is one of Mr. Admin's favourites and is the home of my "dead" alkaline cells to finish them off entirely before recycling.

i orderd the 2xAAA Richuang 3 days past with a lot of other lights 14 in all thanks for your sugestions guys im Winkskint/broke Cool

i still think the fusion penlight is worth a go