3,508,000 lux BLF GT aspheric for sale [[SOLD]]

Sir. Could you provide me an approximate CRI rating for this? Photography application, and searing meat. Kind thanks. Jeez, that is a monster of a light! I’m new at this and easily wowed…… I don’t comprehend lux too well and was wondering how that translates into lumens at 20m. The lens looks like glass but I can’t tell.

I’m surprised this hasn’t sold yet. Considering all the extra exotic parts and huge amount of labor involved, this is a real bargain price to own the the farthest throwing GT or possibly the farthest throwing LED flashlight in existence.

Well a few posts above is this:

If Enderman says that, I’m sure it’s true. Just look at what Enderman himself has made. He seems to know what he’s talking about when it comes to throwers. :smiley:

The price really is a bargain, considering the base cost of materials, plus the time and effort to mod this thing.

With such a beefy body and heatsinking how about a quad 3535 board with white flats? O:)


Check your PM.

What does this mean? Still learning here. 20m

How much did it sell for? I hate it when prices are removed after the sale.

20 meters is a distance.

It was like 600 or 700 iirc, it was worth a lot more than that IMO.

I guess I should have been more clear, the entire 20m question he asked about the hotspot, is this something very important for a thrower? Is there a certain constant that has to be measured to achieve the best result? What was he possibly looking for when he asked that question?

How time flies, darn, I raced back today to buy this light and it’s gone. I didn’t really think it would sell this fast but looking at the dates it wasn’t really that fast, I’m just that slow to make up my mind.
I sat and looked at this light for at least two days, trying to justify buying this light, well I finally was able to justify the purchase but a lot to late,
Not only is this the most awesome build I’ve ever seen the price wasn’t bad considering all that this light is.

I’d just like to throw this out to the new owner, should you decide this light is not to your liking for some reason or other please take down my name and contact me and I will buy it from you, hopefully,
I do recall the original asking price and that was a very fair price, so it wasn’t the money that held me up from buying it, I just couldn’t figure out why I wanted to buy it and what I would do with it after I owned it.
I guess it would be just the pride of owning this master build and knowing the amount of skill and effort that pscal put into this build,
Other than that I guess it would be a shelf queen but a mighty fine one at that.
Best wishes to the new owner, darn…

Knowing the spot diameter at a certain distance tells you the divergence of the beam and can be used to figure out what the spot diameter is at any distance.

Thanks for the knowledge. :+1:

How would I go about converting that to candela?

The 3.5 million is already calculated back to 1m, he was just saying that he took the measurement at a 20m distance.
3.5 million lux at 1m is 3.5 million candela.

Just played with this baby in person. AMAZING! :slight_smile:

Sweet… did you guys take it to the harbor bay ?