3,508,000 lux BLF GT aspheric for sale [[SOLD]]

[[SOLD]] is my modded BLF GT:

  • Osram flat black LED installed on the GT’s massive copper MCPCB, installed with arctic silver TIM, and driven at 4.5 amps max by a Lexel BLF GT driver. UI is the same as the stock GT with a slightly less smooth ramp at very low drive levels.
  • Wavien collar and Optolife A037 lens, focused over the course of many hours using PVC spacers to retain the lens from top and bottom.
  • Shorty tube and Samsung 35E batteries included. Op/Tech lens protector included.

I measured this light at 20 meters. It came in at 3.508 million lux. This light is amazing and was a great pleasure to build. It is also a pleasure to own, but for me, the joy is in building. I hope this light can bring someone else joy by owning and using it.

Price: [[SOLD]] including shipping within the continental US.

Questions? Comment below or PM me. I’ll do my best to answer them quickly.


Good luck with your sale…

Maybe you could make the light produce these sound effects when turned on…


Not many years ago people had to pay $1000 USD for a 1Mcd deft-X.

This flashlight far surpasses that :smiley: Whoever buys it will be very satisfied, this the best LED thrower in the world at this form factor.

I can’t wait to see what you build next!

Man I want it so bad, but GT host is just so big for me. If you can make something like that with a T21 I’m game for buying it. :slight_smile:

This is an amazing one off light. All the best for the sale.

Wow that is really amazing. It’s probably the farthest throwing GT in existence. I would probably buy it if it had the XHP35 HI in it because I like more lumens.

Wow, with an Osram flat it will have eternal runtime.

That is a bargain price for the amount of parts, time and effort that went into this build.

Yeah still can’t believe you managed to focus the black flat in the GT host.

What was the diameter of the hotspot at 20 meters?

I’ll try to get a measurement of the beam width at 20m after work.

Thanks everyone for the kind words about this light.

Looks awesome!

Good luck with the sale, I can only guess at the time and effort you needed to focus the Black Flat in there!

That’s awesome. What is the throw? Looks like a comet shooting out. Lol

On first glance of the picture I thought it was a searchlight from a helicopter. Then I noticed there was no helicopter... Then I noticed the flashlight...

Good luck with your sale!

3746m ANSI

Do you have more beam shots with targets here on the forum? Thank you

I do not have any other beamshots of this light. My night time is dominated by my 2 small kids, so hobbies have to take 2nd place. I’ll try to get some this weekend if the light is still available.

Buy with confidence… he is a good seller. I purchased jaxman black Olson from him…

Trust me when I say the kids dont stay small for long. Make the most of them. :slight_smile: