$3.69 Star Light headlamp, actually pretty good.

In my frost DD order I threw in one of these because it was only $3.69 and a copy of my beloved PT EOS. It is actually an ok light. It is usable and about as bright as my PT EOS on medium which is thenmode I use most often anyway. It is very similar to the EOS but it has a red LED feature that I don’t hate. I am not sure when I might use it but it can’t hurt to have it.
For less than $4 delivered, I didn’t expect much but this is a good headlamp. This headlamp 20 years ago would blow your mind with the power and battery life, now we expect so much more but this would get the job done in a pinch.

sounds wortha look ya got a link ?

Probably this one right here.

The pictures at the DD product link are great, they just pulled random pictures of people with headlamps from the net, and put captions under the pictures that have nothing to do with the pictures.

Yep, another DD shame. I really thought they started to improve... Hmmmn maybe they`ll do better after Chinese New Year! ;)

i don't even follow links to their site anymore - well once in awhile - to see if the page still scrolls up and down. If I pound on my keyboard and mouse any more I'll need new ones.

That’s the one.
The plastic case feels cheap but the thing seems to function fine and the price is the lowest inhale seen for a headlight you could actually put into normal use. You could take this backpacking and be plenty happy. Don’t think it has any waterproof ability but a little silicone might allow it to take a light rain with no problem.

It just went up to $4.99 because DD is insane. It is stil a good deal but I hear they may be having a sale so I would hold off on it and see if the price drops.
This would be a good headlight for kids or even dogs.

Gorann, why don’t you give a link?

Which headlamp are you referring too?

If you are talking about these headlamps


I would NOT recommend them. I have two of them, both of them work maybe 1/5 of the time. Like you said, there is some kind of problem with the contacts. If you fiddle with them for a while you have a chance that it MIGHT come on. Then when its on, if you zoom in or out the modes will change or it will die again. Also very hard to take apart like you said, I haven't been able to open it up to see whats going on.

The headband is pretty decent so I will keep those and probably just toss the lights. I have a real headlamp on the way, an ultrafire UF-H3.

I have no problem soldering. I wish I could figure out how to get it apart to get at the inside.

Ok yeah I tried twisting the inner tube under the moveable head by hand, but it didn't budge. i will try pliers, maybe with some cloth so it doesn't get scratched. Not that i really care if it gets scratched since these were heading for the trash anyway.