$3.98 US - Ultrafire Q5 300 LM mini LED 1xAA flashlights with zoom on sale again from banggood.com

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Banggood.com has the Ultrafire Q5 300 LM mini LED 1xAA flashlights with zoom on sale again for $3.98 US. Use code deal12 at checkout.

Product name: Ultrafire CREE XPE Q5 300LM LED Flashlight
Brand: Ultrafire
Emitter Brand/Type: CREE
Emitter BIN:Q5
Material: Aluminum Alloy
Mode: 1 mode
Battery Configurations: 1x AA / 14500 battery
Run time: 2-3 hours depend on battery capacity
Switch Type:Clicky/Clickie
Switch Location: tail
Brightness:300lm (manufacturer rated)
Carrying Clip:yes

1.Average lifespan 100000 hours
2.Also designed to mount on certain hand pistols, rifles and shotguns with proper mounting equipment
3.Adjustable Focus ,you can Zoom in/out to adjust its beam .
4.Waterproofing shell allows the flashlight to be used in rainy day, but don’t use it under water.

For some reason they only have 3 colours this time - blue, red, light green. Dark green isn’t an option.

I love these lights. I discovered them over the summer. It’s the zoom function that impresses me the most. I have one in both cars, by the front door and there is always one in my jacket.

In my opinion you can’t beat the value.

Delivery is fairly slow because it is coming from China.

Christmas is coming….

Yes, thanks for mentioning the code , the deal is good. (and I just ordered some today without the coupon :-( ).

Sipik SK68 clone in colors ...\

Do you have a link for these? I’m a noob to the flashlight world and I’d like to know what’s out there.

The ones in your OP. They're Sipik SK68 clones.

Apparently only red is available, though.

Ezarc posted it a few hours prior.

I’m contemplating getting one… even though I have a silver clone and a sipik en route atm.

Edit: Why does it show the black version 4.99 as well, but upon clicking it shows 6.49?

I got a few of those coloured Ultrafire marked SK68 clones from Banggood a few weeks ago and frankly they were disappointing, even by conventional lottery standards for these lights. May be a different batch - who knows? See my previous comment.SK68 clones. Just a heads up before you press the buy button.

the wallbuys 3$ AA zoomies were a nice cheap change of pace now 2$ edi-t p-14 is still 4$too



I realize that. I meant a link to a genuine Sipik SK68.

A “genuine” Sipik SK68 may be hard to come by on this side of the pond. You will note that the “Sipik” web page lists the light as having 3 modes, high, low, and strobe. Three-mode clones of this light are more scarce in the marketplace. Of the lights that I have, even the ones that have the Sipik SK68 logo are one-mode lights. As a result, I’m not sure that my Sipik branded lights are genuine.


Edit: The problem may be like medicine. Why pay big dollars for the name brand, when a “generic” can be bought for small change?


I have 4 colors of them from banggood last month, They were disappointing.
All of them had different tailcaps, lens alignment etc.

Welcome my northern neighbor :slight_smile:

IMO, colors don’t matter on the SK68, the clones are usually decent quality.
This FTT light has amazing throw, really nice for the money.
I prefer the 3-mode, however they’re usually $5-6 and more.

I found some 1-mode at Amazon for $3.45 shipped
[was $3.22]
These are silver, really nice looking and tight beam.

Here’s the link to the Amazon deal.


Thanks, Doc!

Even though the price isn’t the best at Banggood they seem to have shipped from California based warehouse.

My black ultrafire sk68 arrived in 4 days flat! This thing is TINY! Puts out a ridiculous amount of light for such a small figure.

Edit: I don’t know if anyone mentioned this, but the clone does not headstand or tailstand as well as the Sipik sk68 I got from FT because the lens and switch cover sticks out slightly (the sipik sk68 is solid as a rock head/tail stand). Someone did mention that the zoom function of the sipik sk68 is like grinding metal on metal (doesn’t show any visible marks on the outside of the light; I’ll have to investigate.); however, the ultrafire sk68 ’s zoom is smooooooth.

Im new to Flashlight collecting and don’t have any 14500 batteries so I’m going with the same light you posted only with a set of batteries and a charger.

Can’t wait to get them.

$9.99 what a steal Great for a starter like me.
SK68 Clone starter kit


Did you make the purchase yet?

Well, if you did I hope you get lucky with the batteries and the charger.

If you didn’t, I would avoid doing so. If you plan on getting anymore lights or convert some devices to NiMH batteries instead of alkaline in the future I would definitely invest $15-20 in a quality charger (I went with the intellicharger i2, but if I did it over again I would get the i4). After that, or with that, grab some quality batteries (Trustfire for 14500 are recommended, panasonic 18650 [among many others, there are tonnnnns of reviews and general knowledge threads here]).

Ultrafire are far from Quality batteries. I went the same route when I bought my first 18650 flashlight it came with 2 ultrafire batteries and a charger. Charger did alright for the first few charges and a week later started smoking mid charge. The batteries… long story short ended up with 3 junk batteries and 1 seemingly functional battery that were all ultimately junked for safety. I basically paid $22 for a $14 light and some junk batteries/charger. That was my experience; I hope you fare better.

Nope not yet, is this not a good buy?

Nope I did not buy it yet.

Updated my post.