3 day power outage

  • Anyone else lose power lately?
  • 2 hours of flashlight fun. Then 20 degree temps outside make it clear this is not going to be a picnic .

/ tie a big bow on the refrigerator door so you stop absent mindedly opening it because you’re kind of hungry and bored.

Or put the refrigerator on the porch where it can keep cool ….

Mmmm... been there, done that.

Remnants of Hurricane Ike passed through here in '08. Turned our patio cover into $100.00 worth of scrap aliminum. We were in Indy that day for the MotoGP. Nicky Hayden was gaining on Rossi 'till they called the race for excessive wind. Believe to this day that Nicky would've won had the race been in just the wet, 'cause Hayden had chosen tires well. When we got home the damage was done. Power out for eight days. Lost everything in fridge & freezer.

Next year was the ice storm. Power out for six days. Emptied fridge & freezer onto patio, lost almost nothing.

That summer a friend helped me install a manual transfer switch. Portable 8.5kw generator plugs into the house at a plug on the patio. We can run everything except central air.

All that was before I discovered high performance portable lumen dispensers.


I lost power for 2 weeks during hurricane Sandy. I got by on 15 gallons of gas using my 3000 watt generator sparingly only to keep the fridge cold, the heat going, and some lights. That was the last time we lost power for more than a couple of hours.

I can remember power cuts in the 1970’s.

I’ve been wanting a nice Honda generator for my house for a while now. Unfortunately we rarely loose power for more than an hour at a time here in Georgia.

Boaz, did you guys experience some bad weather or something?

Not sure where Boaz is other than Ohio (the “birthplace of aviation”) but we got hit with a bad ice storm here Thursday…

I see where this is going.

And we all know NC is the birthplace of aviation and the first in flight.


Best wishes to all those without power in Ohio(the “birthday of aviation”)

I feel your pain. Lost power at home and work when Hurricane Michael moved through. Outages in my county were at 44%. We were out for four days. More frequent here, though, are outages from ice storms. Avg. restoration for my road is 2-3 days for moderate outages, 4-5 days for major ones.

We have gas logs for heat, and a 5500 watt generator that can run everything - minus the water heater. Shut off at bed time, or when no one is home. So, it’s not nearly as bad as when I was growing up, and we had no generator, nor a good non-powered way to circulate the heat from the wood stove in the attached shed.

Nowadays, the generator stays in a detached shed. It’s plugged to a receptacle for a welding machine. Flip the main breaker at the meter, and we’re good to go!

We had a little of it last Thursday night into Friday morning. Little ice storm. Lost power from 4am till 7am. Power company cell phone app said 11pm expected resolution time. I was ready to wait it out…

Got the backup fireplace running and torches tail standing in every room. Shoveled the driveway and opened the garage door manually.

Got one car in the driveway (wife and I are both expected at work). Ready to get the other out…

Then the flood light came on.

False alarm, I guess .

Sadly i put all my (unneeded) flashlights away and got ready for work the old fashioned way. Lights on and that. The boring way.

That brings up a fascinating digression:

Remember the Wrights proved they could fly in freezing cold weather at sea level on the Outer Banks —- that’s near zero humidity, not a lot of water molecules in the air.

Then they packed up, moved it all to Ohio, and tried again the following summer, in hot humid weather, at 1000 feet above sea level, and couldn’t get their aircraft off the ground.


If you want more, this is splendid reading:


Hence the true beauty of the Vickers VC10…