3 flashlights parts = 1

Hi guys just posting this to get a lil input :slight_smile: i want to see what u guys think i should put in this mini bad boy ? i have a 3” aluminum slug coming for it with a large st-90 reflector and A ASPHEIC LENS?

im going to have a rear McClicky installed so im not sure if i want to go the aspheric way YET

The handle is from a mag and the part connected to the mag handle is the mini version of the large SHOWER HEAD that is the top section……

enjoy the pics any input is welcome and ideas

PS: I might paint this in rhino liner ?

Nice set up nitro,I would go aspheric especially with the larger die leds,makes a nice big hotspot.I also would check the McClicky and the amps it can handle,no so sure it can do 10+amps.What driver are you using or will you go DD?

With the McClicky ill have to check if not I got some 10amp junco switches, as for the driver ill have to decide what led I’m going with lol

Oh,I took your description of the ST 90 reflector out of context,I thought you were using a SST-90.I think the sbt-90 is an awesome led and costs alot,but would be ideal in an aspheric.XML-u3 wouldn’t be a bad second choice or even SST-90.I wanted to do something like this with aspheric and sbt-90,but I have too many irons in the fire right now.

Well I would love to go SST-90 but I would have to change the handle to accept more than a 26650 battery or a 3aa battery holder :frowning:

man, id love to have that host… that thing is going to be awesome no matter what ends up in it

I can also make this light with a lime green handle because I have a section from the lime mag I have for sale :slight_smile:

So It will be black,silver,lime green, with this at the end Sold/Expired - M*g D Tail Cap McClicky Switch By Fivemega | Candle Power Flashlight Forum

man… you had to show me that switch too huh. i hope i get back to work soon. been in a mag modding mood. whered you get the black head? guessing the “other” place

No I got it from eBay or dealextream or harbor freight

Just type in 109 led flashlight

and that head screws right on to the mag tube? what about the reflector, know where that came from? that might have to go on the list of parts…

sorry bout the 21 questions. just been on a mag kick lately for some strange reason, and custom heads are expensive…

No it does not screw into each other that’s where the 2nd part comes into place, and the large reflector came from DX for around 10.00

another project Pulsar

It’s a 4x18650 elephant ll body with the same head as my other host above its going to have 4 aspheric lens inside that baby :slight_smile:

Only thing I’m stuck on is a battery holder for it

sorry so dark when i take the pic it looks good till i upload them

so does it need something custom turned to fit that head on? i was looking at that body too, but again, pricey…

No nothing special made, I just had 2 flashlights and made them fit with each other with little jb weld, and i cutted the threaded section off one body and got it to work with the mag D body so it can screw in with each other