3 mode AKOray K-106 flashlight

We have got the three mode AKOray K-106 flashlight :


but i don't know we get the correct mode for our customer .if it is not the correct one , please give me more information !

Thanks very much !

We need the programmable one. There are 5 versions (AFAIK)

1 mode

3 mode programmable

3 mode not programmable

5 mode not programmable

6 mode not programmable

The one you got is the 3 mode not programmable. This flashlight (akoray k-106) has a identity crisis and is a big problem for us, because there are 5 versions with same model name and model number.

The 3 mode programmable has body in gray gunmetal color, has anodised threads, the tailcap button and o-ring are not GITD (are orange) and the driver is epoxied inside the pill.

All other versions have brownish/goldish body and have not anodised threads, have green GITD tailcap button and orings. The driver is not epoxied

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for trying to locate this light. But as Fran82 says, there are many, many versions of the "Akoray K-106". We tend to prefer the version that has 3 "infinitely variable" modes.

I have some question still not very clear , What does programmable mode mean , can anyone explain it , then i can offer the right information to the manufacture .

Thanks in advance !


When the light is On and you press the power button 5 times quickly, you enter a programming mode where the light flashes 1 time to indicate Mode 1 and then starts changing the brightness, strobe frequency, etc. When you see what you want, you turn the light Off and On fast and the brightness level you wanted is saved into memory. Then it blinks twice and goes through it again to set Mode 2, then Mode 3. You are able to set each Mode to any brightness or flashing mode that you want. If you want Low, High, Strobe, you can set that. If you want Med, Low, High, you can set that. Anything you want in those 3 modes.

Hi brted ,

Thanks very much for your explain it , i'v got it and i will do our best to find it , will let you know when got it !

Thanks again !


You can find it here: http://www.kaidomain.com/ProductDetails.aspx?ProductId=6974

Have been there for ages, so why all the fuss about locating this light?

If you find it …they will beat a path to your door …Odd that no one built a good version of it >>yet it makes perfect sense someone would make a bad version of it

..I'm looking for one ..let me know if you find them

http://www.cpfwiki.com/Wiki/index.php/AKOray This says kd sells it but somehow I ain't believing that someone has them in their warehouse Just waiting to be sold


Well if they have it .... then I'm curious why someone on KD is using the name of a BLF member (brted)who has posted above....^

something doesn't add up ..I'm betting KD doesn't have it .. or brted would have spoken up to say so instead of telling Daniel how the programing works .

It would be a nice surprise if he had the programable ones and didn't even know how it.

I got mine from KD and wrote the review there. But when Daniel asked his question, KD was down and nobody knew when their website would be back.

And somebody here mentioned that their KD order of a 3-mode K-106 was later cancelled and refunded by KD. I think they might not have them anymore there.

That is a problem with all HK sellers! But if anyone really want this light he should order it

from the seller listing it and find out if he have or not. I think its wiser and probably faster

than wasting his time looking at a site which dont have it.

Hope Daniel make possible that will be available at LT

Why should that be any better than the KD version? And why wait for something that may never come?

KDs 3 modes programmable version is one of the most talked about lights on any flashlight forum. Just try

and google it on the "other forum" and see how its praised there.

If someone would make a 3 mode programmable version without strobes that would be something!

I learned the hard way, I didn't research further than the reviews at the bottom of the page on DX's site. I also bought a pair of 14500 lithium batteries in the same order.

Nice little light with AA's alkaline's, worked for 3 days. Tried the 14500's, 4 minutes, poof!

Emitter just flashes now. I have the driver off the back and I'm looking for a 3-mode H-M-L 15mm driver to replace the burnt one. Something like 1.0A high, 2.5 - 6 volts perhaps, NO STROBE!!!

As a matter of fact I' going to start a new thread requesting that info from the whole site!

Good luck, choose carefully before using 14500 lithium's.