3 Volt AA Battery

Some years ago when I found this site and got interested in flashlights I bought a couple of 4 7s Quark lights: a single C123 and a single AA. It was suggested that I get some 3V AA batteries to make the AA light brighter. I have several, but know nothing about them. I have no idea where I got them, but they are wrapped in a blue wrapper.

I assume if a AA light will handle a 14500 battery the 3Vbatteries will be OK. Is this true? I woud hate to ruin my AA Tool.
Thanks, Jerry

You did not write if you were looking for primary batteries or rechargeable batteries.
NKON sells a large variety of primary Lithium batteries in AA size, 1.5V, 3.0V, and 3.6V.

Batteryjunction.com 14505 cell ……

I wasn’t planning to buy any. I just wanted to know if they would be safe in my AA Tool. I didn’t ask the right question.

Thanks for the help, though. :wink:

Yes they will be safe.

14500 batteries can have a voltage ranging as high as 4.2v, so if you have a flashlight that can work with 14500 batteries then it will be fine with 3volts

Thanks for the confirmation, neBstress.

Well, the answer isn’t actually so simple. I had a Olight S1A that was made for AA Alkaline and 14500. It had a different mode set for each. I used a 3V cell in it and got weird results. It shouldn’t hurt the driver (maybe) but it doesn’t work right, because the driver tries to be smart and guess which cell is in, and adjust boost/buck accordingly as well as mode sets. I don’t know about your light, but I found the 3V cell to be not worth messing with in the Olight S1A. I generally just kept an Energizer Ultimate Lithium Primary 1.5V AA in it for my EDC, and switched it to a Efest Purple 14500 when I wanted to impress people.

I’ve tested voltages between 1.2v to 4.2v on a Tool AA (including 2.8v, 3v & 3.3v).

No strange or ill effects.

The only down side of using a 3 volt battery in the Tool AA is that you dont get the increased output that you do with a 14500.

Thanks, Guys.