30 hour 15 lumen Filzer X1

I saw this at a local outdoors store (MEC) for $16.50


- focusing lens provides 1x flood light to a 3x focused beam

- looks like it tailstands

- Nichia LED

- long runtime (30 hour)
- only 15 lumen though. Wish it was brighter. =(
If it was brighter it'd be *perfect* ! What do you guys think?


Looks ok but a bit pricey. The 50cent "fauxton" at the cheap chinese stores is about as bright (also 1 5mm led) but obviously less features.

If you want one with a zoom type lens (though it doesn't zoom), I found one on amazon once for a few bucks. https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/2755.

I agree. I thought immediately of my amazing $1.99 lights I got of ebay that output almost twice the lumens. Granted they run about half that time but still.