30% off 6.99$ SeresRoad Mini Flashlight-Amazon

Dear Guys,
Here we are again. This time, we bring you a big surprise.

We’re very grateful for your support to SeresRoad mini flashlilght, so we decided to give a best discount ever for all you.

Title: SeresRoad LED Pocket Flashlight with Mini Keychain
Coupon Code: 6FTKJCZD
Deal Price: 6.99$
*Discount: 30% off
Valid Date: 10.11-10.16*
Link: Amazon.com

Uses Cree XPG-R5 LED
Material : Metal
Waterproof level: IPX8
Brightness: High - Mid - Low (When use a while it will turn into Middle or Low brightness, please don’t worry. Change new battery will recover original brightness.)
Batteries: AAA batteries required. (included)
Tail tap switch for on/off and output selection
Made of Aircraft-grade Aluminum.
Premium Type 3 hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish
High- efficiency reflection lens.

How do you change the modes on this flashlight?
The Middle rotate switch controls all the functions: Rotate the neck to turn change modes and turn on /off. Caused its rotary switch, please take the battery away as electrical treatment, in order to avoid battery drain or affect circuit board.

Looks interesting. Thanks for the discount.

Twisties aren’t really my thing, but it does look decent for $7.

Is this a US only deal?

Ordered. Just remember that coupon code is only good for one (1) light only.

I am a sucker for AAA lights. Thanks for the discount, I ordered one.

This SeresRoad Vu05 LED Flashlight CREE XP-G2 R5 Light EDC Mini Torch Holster High/Mid/Low/Strobe/SOS Use AA or 14500 Battery ;looks very interesting also. Is it possible to give this forum a discoumt code for the VU05 also?

Probably, I tried and got:

I received one of these lights and posted a review on Amazon. Suggest anyone interested to please read it.

It's compact compared to some other AAA lights and decent quality. It's a very cool white, and is a XP-G2, not XP-G R5 as listed above. I strongly suggest to toss the provided cells and get some very decent cells like Amazon basic. My unit has inconsistent mode switching which drives me nuts, but can't see it mentioned in any other reviews, so might be a one off lemon - I see this often with twisty lights: luck of the draw.

Note in the reviews on Amazon, there's are a lot of reviews posted by "pro"s who don't know much about flashlights, and of course are super impressed with it's output at 50 to 100 lumens.

I compared it with the Astrolux A01 because of the same price, similar size. For $7 shipped Amazon Prime, not a bad deal with the pocket clip and keychain clip, and if you are fortunate enough to get one that mode switches consistently.

“Tail tap switch for on/off and output selection.”

Tail switch?

yes dear

The rotate switch controls all the functions: Rotate the neck to turn change modes and turn on /off

thanks for your ordering :sunglasses:

No, there's no tail switch. It's a classic 3 mode twisty.

Thank you. It was meant as a rhetorical question as there is clearly no tail switch, but the specs both here and on Amazon refer to one. If such an unambiguous spec is incorrect, one has to consider that the rest may also be unreliable (such as the emitter, as Tom pointed out). I hope bettyli takes it constructively and corrects the listing here and on Amazon to avoid confusing buyers less familiar with flashlight mechanisms (and avoids some poor feedback).

That said, I think it’s a nice light for the price and I bought one before I posted here. I’m sure a grandchild will enjoy it.

I've tried, believe me, to get them to correct the listed specs -- no luck whatsoever. I suspect the marketing/sales people don't have control or input on the technical/product side, and/or language barrier.

For the mode switching issues, tried it out again last night. It mode switched quite well with an EFEST 10440 cell (flat top), but with NIMH's (button top), still switching inconsistently. Don't know if it's always button top cells that don't work well and flat do, but interesting none the less.

Appreciate the info. I’ve got an Efest 10440 that needs a home, although I was planning to use an Eneloop.

thanks for all who concerns my post. I’ll work with all questions above and try to solve problems as soon as possible. sorry for inconvenience we brought you.

All listing issues are confirmed and we correct wrong information, thanks all!

Received my light today.
Throw those included batteries Away! Usually the plastic wrap on a double battery pack can easily be twisted and the plastic breaks away. No such luck here. Batteries are weaker than the plastic. Dented, twisted and still in the plastic wrap. One can squeeze the Battery housing in your fingers.

Anyway I am pretty happy with the light. No issues twisting through modes with an Eneloop. L-M-H…
Slow or fast twists, mine works fine.

Of course after that I tried to get it apart… no such luck. pill seems glued in. Tried to squeeze it a bunch of times in a small vise with rubber jaws, rotating it, squeeze… still locked in.

Lens is glass, emitter color is tolerable. Not cold blue
Worth the money with the discount at $7 with prime shipping.

TOP: SingFire SF - 348 180Lm CREE XPE R3
BOTTOM: SeresRoad Mu08 CREE XP-G2 R5

Appears PhotoBucket is in the Bucket at the moment… :smiling_imp:

Fun Pic

Hi bettyli,
thanks for your offer.
I have more than enough AAA lights, but I admit that your Mu08 looks well made.

This made me look over your other flashlights (found your website) and like @vwpieces I instantly fell for the Vu05, an AA light. Unfortunately I can’t buy it, Amazon tells me it does not ship to my country (continental europe).

If you, bettyli, represent SeresRoad, perhaps you could try to get a shop like Fasttech or Banggood to carry your products. Many members here frequently buy there, they ship almost worldwide and allow for a variety of payment methods.


I don’t plan to derail this thread -
too much -
but I just need to tell you why the Vu05 is positively unique.

Most AA lights on the market are crap: cheap design, lousy 3W LED, zoomies with nasty beam pattern, press fit driver and switch, flimsy clip.

And here comes your Vu05. It’s an AA light with

- reflector

- cree or at least similar LED

- driver retaining ring

- switch retaining ring

- nice tube design like the Convoy S6 / BLF A6

- tailstand

  • sturdy clip

I’d take at least 4 of them. Sell them as host (all but LED and driver) and I’d take even more.

Here’s the picture that shows the essentials (sorry for the size). Look at the red circles and it should be clear why I’m so enthusiastic.