30% off select 18650 Name BrandTorches at Meritline via Coupon. Incld. A $70 EA8!

Hey, just got this email in this morning. There’s a select group of torches that are on sale…

Specifically ones at this link.


It’s 30% off using a one time coupon code of


I think there’s a few good deals to be had. I wish I had the money for the EA8.

Come on guys olights? TM26?

30% off ?

I picked up this light for 9.09. Shipped free.


Because I’m poor.

I dont know what is happening here. Maybe people are too busy buying stuff from the link or maybe they are all in awe at the fasttech prices they are seing. Don't know. But that doesnt change that there are some good deals here. TY for the heads up :-)

Seriously. The EA8 is a full $8 cheaper than Fasttechs right now. The olight s10 for 34.29? s20 for 34.99? The email I have says you have to be a newsletter subscriber, so sign up if the code doesn’t work. I think this is only 1 day. There’s quite a few nice deals at some of the lowest prices I’ve seen.

By the way, these are straight links, non-affiliated- because I know some people are paranoid around here.

Get em while you can.

Free Shipping!

Sad to say it but - I've got my end covered when it comes to lights. Short of a 6" reflector light with a massively overdriven XP-G2 I have had my quota for now. I just don't feel the buying urge anymore...

Unfortunately, I bought the SRK yesterday, so I don’t have the budget for any of these other lights. I think I’m about done myself- since I didn’t have a single 18650 light I’m taking a chance on one of these. I have a few unprotected cells so I need something that I can use them with.

Oh well.

Maybe a stupid question, but is this a US shipper? Probably not but their hours show Pacific time zone.

some products are and some aren’t - they state which, and most lights are from hong kong

i just ordered the trustfire 9LED light - $69.99

free shipping is 2-3 weeks, I added the $1.99 upgrade for guaranteed 10 day shipping

thanks for posting

So the you-know-which TM(number prior to 27) is US$210 ???

Thanks for the heads-up! Ordered a S20.

Yep most of these arrive in 2-3 weeks. I have had some really small stuff come as quick as 4 or 5 days, but as long as 3 weeks. I’ve been ordering from them for years now. But yeah 90% of the things I order come from Hong Kong, so you have to be patient. To be honest though I’ve never tried the upgraded shipping, because I’m as patient as I am cheap.

Thanks for the heads up.

good prices - thanks :slight_smile:

usually I am, too, but I’m moving so this will be the last order for quite awhile.

Good God! You bugger! I just talked myself into snagging an S10 Baton and an S20 Baton for $70 total! Thank the lord my tax refund is in the mail. $)

If the little lady decides to string me up for it I can always sell them off at no loss to me with these prices. I don't see me doing that though. They look AWESOME!!

i can’t get the ‘add to cart’ to work… signed up, etc… but it just gives me a total amount due ~$970.00 with no items in the cart…?>???!


Do you have no script or something enabled? I had a problem until I allowed all sites. I have a Java blocker enabled most of the time, but sometimes I have to disable it.

i was going to buy the s10 for $34.29


its $32.50 on fast techs site :slight_smile:

just in case anyone is wondering

coupon is pricecontrol

edit: not trying to one up the deal thread in anyway, just wanted to share the BLF spirit of savings!

No problem! I didn’t know PRICECONTROL worked on lights other than Nitecore.