3000+ lumen OTF 'tube' style flood < $80

Hi guys,

Can anyone recommend an affordable, floody 3000+ lumen OTF light for < $80? I’ve been considering the supfire M6, but I’m concerned about heat. It should have at least three brightness levels, no noticeable PWM, and preferably low voltage cutoff. Side clicky preferred. The brighter and more budget friendly, the better :).

I’ve been thinking of a TR-J18 from Amazon Amazon.com , mostly because of the free 2-day shipping (I have Prime) … but it doesn’t meet a couple of my desirements and you also have no idea what you’re getting from Amazon, since many sellers pile clones of various quality under a single listing (Amazon really needs to let you see who a particular reviewer ordered from).


get TR-J18 from ebay usually cost about 45 and stock it will do more than 3000 lumens :slight_smile:
do resistor mod and it’ll push 4000 lumens and won’t burn your hand too :wink:

+1 if you find one :slight_smile:

lol… you can have mine for $45 :smiley:

What about the X100? Worth it over the TR-J18?

Yes, it’s worth the extra cost.

I have the trj 18 and really like it. With kk batteries, it is really bright, and gives alot of flood, especially in the house when working on something. Also no slouch outside, it does have some throw to it just by sheer output. I braided the springs also and there was a noticeable difference. Would like to do a resistor mod, I can imagine it smokes. One word of caution, dont turn it on high if your pointing it at a wall 2 feet or closer away chest to eye level… Also, I found that its seems brighter when running two batteries instead of 3.

OK, so I’ve upsold myself to the ~$90 price range. In that range, what’s best:

Something else?

I can get the TR-J20 w/ 4 UltraFire 26650’s from gearbest for about $115 (I also have some store credit there due to issues during the BT-C3100 group buy, which brings it down to about $105). I’m kind of wary of them … but I did get the charger, it is a good product (just took waaay longer than it should have with express shipping), so I could give them a 2nd chance.

Also, with the TR-J20, would 36650s bet way better than 26650s? Can they even be charged in a BT-C3100 (from my initial research, my guess is ‘probably’)?

EDIT: Think I’ve upsold myself to Soshine 26650’s for safety’s sake…

FYI went with the TR-J20 from bearbest and some King Kongs from mtnelectronics.