3000k HID - what sort of colour, output and rendition would it have?

I’ve seen some 3000k HID bulbs, the listing says bright yellow light. But I’m curious to how these would actually look, say compared to a halogen 55w bulb?

Are they really yellow, or not not far off older incan bulb colours? How does lumen output compare to say a 4300k HID?


Mine were slightly greenish yellow, not brownish yellow as halogens.

Slightly less bright, about same as 6000K.

What are they like to drive with? I find 6000k or blue halogens strain my eyes and make everything look a murky grey colour (bushes, curbs, trees, verges and such).

Pretty pleasant, but kinda weird. Greens (grass and trees) look very green and everything else lose some color (turn to yellow). Most I liked them at winter, gave nice contrast on snow and weren't harsh to eyes.

Now I have 75W and lowest I could get was 4300K but mine look more like 5000-6000K :(

I’m installing some 4300k HIDs on the truck this week. I’ll post some pics of what it looks like compared to 6000k. Hopefully mine will be true 4300 and not to cool.

4300 all the way