300M+ Throwers...what do you have...?

Tonight we had an obnoxious "neighbor" (read office building across the street) running an electric pump to remove water from their construction site. They are of course not allowed to do any work after 5pm but they always just do what they want in any case. They were also working in pretty much complete darkness but to see what was going on I took out my TK45 and lit up a massive area but I realised it was lacking a bit in throw.

So onto my question...what bad boy throwers do you guys have that could have made their night time activities a bit more "enlightened" :D

Probably this would enlighten them, the Crelant 7G5

Thank you for the link. That looks like an awesome light! I wonder, would it easily out throw a jetbeam BC40...?

I have a Wagan spotlight that I converted to HID. That has to be my brightest light at 75Watt. As far as handheld flashlights go, I have a modded 2D Mag, running 4AA Eneloops (direct drive) and an XM-L T6 with a 52mm aspheric lens. It runs at about 4Amp for about 20 minutes. Saying it's bright is a bit of an understatement. Last weekend, we shined it at a Stop Sign about 100 yards away and it was absolutely blinding, it looked like the stop sign was a detonating nuke. I can't even describe how ridiculous it is. Definitely have to take some pics. It's like a white laser.

It will out throw BC40. BC40 it's not a dedicated thrower. However it throws very good and has a useful beam. TK45 is not a thrower.

Im sure my TR X9, Skyray STL V2 or my TK41 would of been of good use.

dont laugh but a TR-1200 or a jetbeam bc40 or TR-3T6 will come close

The TR-1200 with a 1.7A current draw and 5 led to keep the voltage up between 3.3v and 3.7v can't stay on for too much time. And most probably it's not regulated.

mine is regulated with constant current and with 3 x 18650,s ive taken it one many bush walks around 60 mins while on high the whole time and a few 85 min runs on cold nights, once the cells voltage is to low it jumps out of regulation and dim's depending on what battery i use i get the current draw of 1.69 to 2 amps on 2 x 18650,s and it will throw well. i can test my tail cap readings run it on high for 30 to 40 mins re-test it and it will read very close to the starting current so i say its constant current driver thats regulated like the geniune TR-3T6 the TR-1200 is a good torch that gets over looked.

Yeah I know. I mostly prefer floodier lights which is why most of my current ones are mostly flood. That said I definitely need at least one thrower in my "lineup".

So with 3 cells it regulates the output of all those 5 LEDs for 60 minutes or 85 minutes when it's cold, interesting.

whats your point

That I've taken your's

HID for throw.

This is a Palight BG-002 (28w) at about 46m.

It throws a nice bright spot out to ~500m.

sorry hikelite that came out wrong

it is winter here, Australia is warmer then some other places but i have not done full bore runs in summer yet as its not summer yet, a 2400 mAh battery should be able to give 2.4 amps for an hour in theory, so at 1.7 amps 85 mins is about the maxium run time before it drops out of regulation and the light will dim's.

85 mins timmed on my iphone while bush walking with the TR-1200 on high is as far as ive pushed mine, with 3 x 18650 the current draw is lower so run time should be longer but ive never pushed my past 85 mins as thats a bit extreme on high.

its warming up here and ill try long run test while bush walking on warm summer nights and see if i fry the driver but sofar its a great torch, i have seen some specials for them on here but they are cheap 2 x 18650 versions with plastic lens lols

i would like to try the HA3 model, but ill wait till this one is totaly worn out as my wife brought it for me, it turned out to be one of the best buy,s

Could you post a 200m beamshot?.

Most of the flashlights fare very well @ 46m.

The FandyFire STL-V6 should be one of the best throwers available - as long as we stick to reflector based LED budget lights.

I just got mine, 47kcd, 430m of NEMA-throw, with batteries not even freshly charged.

I doubt that a quite smaller reflector like BC40 can really compete with that. And my TR-1200 5*R2 gives 27kcd/330m.

Edit: Added the word "budget"... Well, there's the Fenix TK70 of course, 130kcd/720m.

Coolperl's results are impressive for the Crelant 7G5 which is not a clone.

My Trustfire X6 reaches 300 meters driven at 7.0 amps, but if you push 10amps may be it could be way better!

Looking forward to his beamshots!