302 Users!

Well done Mr. Admin.

BLF will be a year old on Saturday - Happy (early) Birthday BLF.

Happy (early) birthday BLF and congratulations to everyone for keeping this community friendly, fun and helpful!

Indeed - there are a lot of helpful people around here, and a lot of good-natured folks too.

That's all thanks to Mr. Admin and especially to those members (you know who you are) who give so much by helping us noobs with their experience and expertise. BLF thrives with you guys around. You guys ROCK! Cool

Thanks for teaching me a thing or two ..

300 of the nicest people on the planet

and those other 2...well what can we say 2 outta 300 ain't bad ..

you know who you are


Wow. We are growing, thanks to all our helpful, good natured users! Keep up the good work everyone! And enjoy.

Have a great day.

LMAO... now the finger pointing and accusations start!

Nah, the folks here are first rate, and I'm happy to be able to participate here.


Just digging up this, almost a year old thread.

Up-to-date count is:

Users: 2735

Thats almost ten-fold in a year :o

Let's hope that doubles by 1/1/13

Amazing! The best bunch of people I've ever had the pleasure to hang with. BLF for life!

There was a thread comparing users between GretaPF and this but I could not find it.

It had about half-a-year old info on users from here, it would have been interesting to see the numbers.

If I remember right, there was also some wild guesses about growth ;)

haha, while reading I couldn't believe that ONLY 300 users were registered... now I realize that it was an old thread.

Great forum, Keep growing. Cheers

2735 members is a huge surprise to me. Glad I'm one of them/you

Wow. Do keep in mind that some of the users are just spammers, but even so we have unquestionably grown.

A special thanks to our users who make an effort to be welcoming to newcomers and who maintain their comments polite and clean. You know who you are. :) Keep up the good work.


Happy to be here.

Almost just got here and I have learned and helped by many others.

No problems here I like thaat the most.

Norm and Gretta always had a kind word But I never heard Them.

One day BLF will go down in history as more than a footnote in the salvation of humanity.

This group of people is beyond EPIC.

Good people here :)

EDIT: Thanks to everyone that BLF a place to make this a place to go and learn, converse, and share ideas and mods while acknowledging safety!

Thanks Mr. Admin!

And of course thanks to all the members that make this a very special place for flashaholics.

Congratulations to BLF, the number one flashlight website!

2832 ATM.

Seems like almost exactly 10users /day.

Currently active users: 153 (49 users and 104 guests)