32,500 Lumen Acebeam X80GT

ah your X80 failed then. I bet as these new X80GT lights get used a bit they will develop problems. I stand by the fact that driving these large number of XHP LEDs that hard in small hand held light will fail from heat.
Either way, my DX80 works great, no problems, and used it many times with no problems. none of these lights will last on its maximum modes if run for longer than minutes to the point of getting so hot that they burn your hand. Heat is the worst enemy of electronics & LED emitters.

Did Acebeam send you a new GT then? So far I have done what is posted on skylumens website and only run my X80 for 15 sec max on turbo max.

Can you let us know the acebeam warranty… I am in the process of buying a X80gt. Thanks.

Acebeam Includes a plastic cc type warranty card. This is what it says.

1: We replace any defective lights within 15 days of purchase

2: We offer free repairs within 60 months of purchase if problems develop under normal use

3. Limited lifetime warranty if problems develop after 24 months of the purchase. We charge for replacement parts

Thanks Kirk… acebeam warranty look good… does it apply even if I buy the light from authorized reseller from China?

If it comes from an "authorized" reseller, then it would have to be valid I would think. From what I read, Acebeam is pretty decent about warranties.